The pros of a spring wedding on the GC - RACV Spring Festival 2018

What a wonderful time of the year! Spring!

As the year is flying by quicker then jet plane we thought we would take a second to slow down and smell the roses. In this blog we aim to go through the pro’s & con’s (if there are any..) of having a spring wedding. As well as featuring some beautiful images from RACV Royal Pines Spring Festival, featuring fireworks, yummy food, Photo Booth fun, Event Letters & beautiful event styling by W Events Group.

Spring Is Naturally A Beautiful Month

Although we have the occasional magpie here in australia 9x’s out of 10 they are already busy chasing people riding bikes on the pathways so we don’t really need too worry to much about that. The beauty of Spring Weddings is that they are already beautiful.. nature at its best with all of the beautiful colours everywhere we would say there is no better time!

Spring Weather Is Beautiful!

Through Spring, you don’t really see much bad weather. Its all sunny warm days with a nice even temperature. Not to hot and not to cold. Sunny days are followed by mild tropical evenings and average temperatures range from 16.9 - 25.4°C, you might end up with a little wind in the month of September.. but just think of it as a personal hair blower for your wedding photos, or better yet!! A beautiful light wind to carry your veil behind you to make for some killer images! Also thanks to Spring, we have longer days & shorter nights.. meaning more time for photos. :D

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Outdoor wedding ceremonies or outdoor wedding receptions is perfect for this time of year. With all of the natural beauty around you selecting a venue that can offer this option is a great wedding combo. With a little extra touch from W Events Group, your wedding will look just as beautiful as you do.

Summarising this blog, Spring is a beautiful month to get married filled with many pro’s & very little con’s. Give it a little thought when it comes time to planning your wedding date.. :)

Written by Isla Burkitt