QT Canberra Wedding Videography - Phillip & Michelle

With a full 10 videography hour package ahead of our crew here in Canberra, We were ready to get set on another big adventure for the J'adore team, first starting at the QT for the grooms section. 

The boys were all a fun bunch to video, as everyone was inviting and easy going from the moment we stepped through the doors. When asking Phillip if he was nervous at all, he replied simple “He’d been waiting or this day for a while, there was nothing to be nervous about” this was before though he realised his wife to be had given him a card and a wedding present. The heartfelt card was both meaningful and provided a few laughs from both Phillip and his groomsmen. We also discovered their was a theme going on with the groomsmen, Marvel socks, and the boys didn’t disappoint with their creative attires. 

Turning up to get some shots of Michelle’s wedding dress we were ecstatic to discover they were doing a first reveal.But first off we needed to get some footage of her beautiful bridal gown before anything else. Another new trend setter was the bridesmaids gowns, all in white with a class white matching choker, everything tied in perfectly with Michelle’s wedding gown. Then it was time to get the mermaid styled gown on; this was a quick process before we were jetting off for the grand reveal

We turned up for the first reveal and a few photo opportunities to get the brie by herself before the Phillip first saw Michelle. Now we don’t get many first reveal opportunities so we were extra excited to be doing Phillip and Michelle’s.

The ceremony was held up at old parliament house in Canberra in the Rose garden at Old Parliament House. & although it was a hot day, our celebrant was full of excitement for her couple to be making it offical. They had a live band playing, that provide entertainment meanwhile their was the BEST grazing table we had seen with a wide selection of cheese, fruits and meats etc. As everyone was taking their seats ready for the bride to walk down the aisle, we quickly set up all of our camera and audio gear, before jetting off to the bride herself out the front of old Parliament house.

The celebrant brought her own personal touch to the ceremony, by providing all the guests with some key inside information about the couple, that got the crowd all laughing and participating in the event itself. 

We had photo section at at the same place as the ceremony at old parliament house, where we got all a few of the bridal key shots before heading back to the suite at the QT where the reception was also being held. As Michelle and Phillip wanted some low key time away from the formalities everyone headed up stairs for a few drinks and food before the reception started. Here we were keen to make some fun with the whole bridal crew by doing another mannequin challenge that got everyone excited and keen to try it out. This got a few laughs towards the end when we brung everyone together in the same room.

The reception held a lot of surprises that was fun and exciting for us to capture for the couple. From the funny comedic speeches that we are sure to not forget, to the MC’s singing a little song and a flash mob happening, this all came down to the end moment where instead of a garter toss Phillip got all of his 200 plus guests to form a circle around Michelle and sing. These little things are the moments we as a team are sure not to forget. You can’t fake a love like that, and this pair was no exception.

Written by Natarlie