Same Sex Intercontinental Wedding Photo & Video Brett + Leo

From the moment I meet both Brett and Leo I knew it was going to be a fabulous day.

Meeting at the Intercontinental with David, Brett, Leo and their special guest we went down to the reception area and had a good look at how this was all going to unfold. These two had something special in the works and I was already excited to see it in action! I havent meet the queen before…

Moving along! Today was the day, and what a beautiful day it was. Starting at the ceremony, we began to set up in preparation for this wonderful occasion.

Walking down the aisle was Bretts son & Leo’s best friend, to some mighty fine music might I add. As everyone patiently awaited our two handsome grooms, sure enough down they came, hand in hand and looking happy as ever.

The ceremony was short and sweet, showing their personality and send of humour it was perfect.

Not having much time for the wedding photo and wedding video part of the day we got into it straight away.

Walking around the Intercontinental we got a fe quick snaps, and then made our way up to the Grange where all of their family and friends had been patiently waiting.

Moving along into the night, I still was very excited about this surprise!

Then in comes the Queen, with her grande entrance and spectacular performance. It had everyone in stitches!!

It really was the perfect ending to the perfect day, we thanks both Brett and Leo for allowing us to capture such a special time in their lives. We wish them nothing but the very best!

Lots of love,

J’adore xo