Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Ceremony & Lakelands Reception - Adrian & Melissa - Gold Coast Wedding Video

We love shooting at the Intercontinental on the Gold Coast, as we are avidly familiar around the whole venue we are well aware of all the best spots for the photo's section. This was exciting for us as we got to be apart of another wedding at the beautiful Sanctuary Cove chapel. The gorgeous non-denominational chapel features floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Coomera River, featuring a mezzanine floor for unique photography opportunities. Designed for privacy from the rest of the resort, the chapel also offers cushioned pew seating for 80 guests, an ornate pipe organ, glass-topped registry table, & a white marble aisle.

We readily turned up at the glass chapel, videography gear in hand ready to start the day. As we quickly set up the tripods, while also checking to make sure the audio was in check, we decided to get some more detailed shots of the chapel for the couple’s video, as it's always great to have and look back on. 

The chapel quickly filled up, which meant the beautiful bride was going to be arriving very soon, we were excited to see what the ceremony had in store for us all. After some personal vows that had some tears glistening with many of the guests, we were outside conducting a butterfly ceremony in honour of Melisa's sister that had passed. This beautiful butterfly releasing tradition. Releasing butterflies at weddings has also become a popular new tradition. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to rice, confetti & balloons … which is a beautiful way to celebrate your union!

As we used the Intercontinental to our advantage we got to use some of the best spots available throughout the whole venue including the reflection pool. We eventually left to go to the LakeLands Golf Course for the beautiful reception.  After some very heartfelt speeches, everyone got right into music & the dancing begun, very positive we left the night on a high. We wish Adrian & Melisa their very best in their newly married life!!

By Natarlie Weller