Sheraton Grand Mirage Gold Coast Wedding Photo & Video - Naill & Bryony

Meeting with Naill & Bryony a month or so prior to the wedding they seemed calm, collected and ready to go. Little did we know we were in for a great day! Bursting with personality throughout each moment you could tell just how perfect they were for one another. Not to mention their wonderful bridal party! 

Starting the day off with Niall and the boys, arriving at the room we could hear the chuckles from miles away.. safe to say we could tell this was where all the action was. Getting right into it as usual we started with the accessories. 

Coming time to get Niall dressed & ready for action, lining the boys up Niall gave them each a very special gift.. like nothing we had experienced. Very thoughtful and the boys all LOVED it! Their very own square foot of land in Scotland! Coming with identification & a certificate they were ecstatic! The smiles and laughs continued through to our final set of images with the boys before heading over to the south tower of Sheraton to see Bryony and her lovely bridesmaids. 

Arriving to a very calm & collected Mrs to be we followed the same process. Starting with the details and working our way around to gift giving, which yet again was amazingly thoughtful and there was tears of joy left right & centre! Having a little more time with the girls was great, really giving us time to capture every moment as it unfolded and much much more. No rushing, just easy going through the morning. 

It was now time to head down to the ceremony, set up by Ultimate Events it looks great. Before long guests started to arrived followed by the groom & groomsmen. 

As every tool their seats in preparation for bry you could see Niall was a bundle of emption, patiently awaiting his wife to be. Arriving a short time after there was a pause at the start of the aisle, as Bryony took a moment to gather and take her first steps toward her husband to be. Just about brought a tear to my eye! 

The ceremony was gorgeous, nothing short of a fairytale! As they became Husband & wife every one cheered as they walked back down he aisle as Mr & Mrs Grigg.

Moving onto the photos section we went down to the beach and had some fun with the bridal party, then heading back into the Sheraton to continue the fun. 

As the afternoon faded away it was time to prepare for the big entrance. Heading up into the reception area it was beautifully decorated. The speeches were safe to say some of my favourites. I was laughing and smiling just about as much as everyone else. 

The rest of the night commenced with dancing, singing and all the happiness in the world.

We wish these two nothing short of the world together, it was an absolute pleasure being apart of this special day & we just know they will have the happiest of futures together. 


Untill next time...


Written by;

Isla Burkitt