Sheraton Grand Mirage Wedding Photo & Video - Jason + Amanda

Arriving at the Sheraton Grand Mirage at midday we found Jason & the groomsmen were in a light-filled suite overlooking the pools. Windows pulled back, music playing & Jason reading a card from his beautiful wife to be.

On the front of the card, a quote sitting next to you doing absolutely nothing means everything to me. As he reads on you can see the emotion, he is nervous but thrilled that the day has finally arrived.

As the boys suit up the joke about Jason locking the rings away securely in the safe leaving nothing to chance, he wants everything to be perfect.

He has even had some of the jewellery customised for Amanda and is thrilled to have been able to keep it a secret as he mentions that Amanda always manages o find out anything he tries to surprise her with.

Once the boys were ready we made our way over to the beautiful villa where the girls were getting ready.

The huge glass windows overlooking the lush green gardens & a private waterfall are the perfect backdrop for the dresses to be photographed. The pink & white gowns looked sensational against the green tropical gardens.

The girls get the finishing touches with hair & makeup and are fussed over by Amanda's parents.

When it comes time for the ceremony even the threat of ain and the need to move indoors could not dampen the mood. The floral arbour full of stunning pink & white roes was the centrepiece until the bride arrived proudly on her father's arm.

The ceremony was personal and full of smiles and laughter. sealed with a very long kiss to cheers of appreciation.

We moved outside to the gardens for the family photos and moved onto the beach for the bridal party & couples photos. the light & colours on the beach were so pretty that we used every available minute of lights we had left, getting great drone footage as he each & dunes were exclusively ours.

There is something so very special about water backgrounds and the salt haze from the water made the images so magical.

Heading back inside along the wooden walkways the couple made their grand entrance & made the most of their evening. Signature cocktails from a pop-up flower bar next to the photo booth made sure that everyone enjoyed themselves. The groom has the best speech of the night & I don't think one single person left the dance floor was the place to be before the confetti tunnel send off.

Written by Nicole