St Bernards Mt Tamborine Wedding Photo & Video - Mitchell + Ashlee

What only feels like just yesterday we did Mitch & Ashlee's engagement photoshoot, & now today we are shooting their wedding. Time has just flown by, through all the wedding preparation that Ashlee & her Mum did together they both have done an amazing job at planning & making this day a reality. 

Arriving at St Bernards where Mitchell & the boys were getting ready, we were a little early so we decided to go and see what the ladies were up to. As we walked in Amanda was doing the finishing touches for the bridal hair & makeup on Ashlee, which might I add looked just stunning. After spending a short while there we headed on over to the boys who were only a short walk away. 

The boys were just about ready when we had arrived, getting all suited up for Mitches big day. Filming the final touches of Mitch getting ready we went down to the courtyard where we took a few images of Mitch & the boys before making our way back to Ashlee. 

As we arrived back to Ashlee & the girls it was time for her to get in her wedding gown, designed by Luv Bridal we all couldn't wait to see it on her! With gorgeous pink fluffy shoes it was a great combo.

As the time for ceremony drew closer & closer it was time for us to go and set up our photo & video gear. Everyone had arrived, the ceremony styling was looking gorgeous, Celebrant Robyn Wagner was ready to go & as were we. As music started playing, Ashlee & her two fathers began walking her down the isle. Turning around to Mitchell there was so much emotion, you could see & feel how much love her had for Ashlee. 

The ceremony itself was beautiful, both sides of the parents gave their consent as Mitchell & Ashlee became husband & wife. Moving straight into the photos section beginning with a big group photo, followed by family photos & then straight into the main photos section with Mitch, Ash & the bridal party. 

We walked all over the property finding beautiful little spots here & there. Before we knew it, it was time for the reception. Wedding days go by so fast, thats one of the things we love about doing a full day video. Is that the bride, groom, family & friends can relive each moment.. taking them back to the memories they all cherish so greatly. 

Reception was filled with so much love for one another it was beautiful to see all of their families & friends together enjoying the night celebrating Mitchell & Ashlee. 

From the team here at J'adore, we congratulate this awesome couple & can't wait to see what the future brings for them. Wishing you both nothing but the very best in this life. 



Isla & Rob