Summergrove Estate Wedding Video - Ryan + Zoe

It didn't feel that long ago that we had our meeting with Ryan & Zoey in the studio & they were telling us the awesome story of how they meet, & today here we are here capturing one of the most important days of their lives. They day they became husband & wife.

The boys were getting ready on the Gold Coast in preparation for their helicopter ride to Summergrove Estate where Ryan's gorgeous bride to be awaited him.

Rob arriving at the girl's everything was full speed ahead, the dress was almost on & everyone was rearing to go. Lisa was ready down by the gorgeous ceremony location overlooking such an amazing view all the way from the hills through to the ocean. It truly was spectacular!

As the guests started arriving, we began to set the gear up in preparation for this special moment. everyone was patiently waiting that noise in the sky, the arrival of the groom & his groomsmen. & might I add it was quite the entrance! Before long that was topped with Zoe's arrival, walking down the aisle with a beautiful backlit glow as she made her way down the aisle she looked just stunning.

Turning back to Ryan to see his reaction as she walked towards him as priceless, its moments like that, wedding videography captures so well. you see the tears, you see the emotion in motion & there just isn't anything thats more special then reliving that moment & being able to share it with family & friends.

Lisa did an amazing job at delivering the ceremony with a sense of humour & a big smile. Before long it was time to keep moving, wedding days go so fast it makes an entire day seem like only a few hours. Moving into the photo's section we had a beautiful venue to move around on. Summergrove is filled with stunning little spots. It truly does make for some gorgeous wedding videography.

As the sun was setting it was time to go inside & let the party begin!! The DJ certainly made sure of this. Everyone looked like they were having the best time ever! Just what we love to see. :)

It was an absolute pleasure being apart of his special day for Ryan & Zoe, we thank them both for letting us capture this & create a beautiful lifelong memory.

Lots of love

Isla + Rob