AFU pyrotechnics and special effects wedding

Terry & Garry's Movieworld Wedding Gold Coast


The best aspect of photographing a wedding is without a doubt getting to glimpse the amazing connection between two people in love, and with Garry and Terri this was no exception. Their love story started a little over a year ago and it's just taken off since then. they knew from the start that that they were committed to each other and it wasn’t long after that Garry proposed, and how could you blame the guy? After only meeting Terri for a short amount of time, her happiness and keen eye for detail instantly made her one of our favourite brides. 

Both Garry and Terri are comic book fans and they both knew that they wanted their wedding to be spectacularly different and personally suited to their shared interests. So on Saturday the 23rd of July, Jess, Sunny, Dwayne and Leanne joined Garry and Terri and their bridal party at SeaWorld Nara Resort late in the afternoon for their evening wedding, where they were all getting ready in different rooms.

Sunny and Leanne arrived to find the girls having a fantastic time together, just chilling out and listening to music. They both set out photographing and videoing all the small and large details that Terri and Garry had put so much thought and effort into. The theme for their wedding was ‘Superheros’. Batman, Flash, The Green Lantern and Superman all played a part and the boys were matched with the girls. A very special part of the girl’s afternoon was when Terri and Garry both separately left video messages for each other in private. This was incredibly touching to witness and will feature in their video.

Terri is one of the most beautiful brides we've come across, from her kindhearted nature, to that infectious laughter of her's, you can immediately tell why Garry became so infatuated with her.  With Terri's purple hair pinned and curled to the back as certain wisps framed her face this was done by InspiredARTISTRY.  As the team took action taking special attention to Terri's extra details, we noticed little traces of batman was all over. From the mustard yellow flats complete with the batman logo at the front, to the exquisite yellow and black batman flower placed to the side of her. She didn't stop their though, upon inspecting the bouquet it was done in array of colours that collaborated perfectly with the colours of the bridesmaids dresses. 

Before we knew it, the girls were ready and it was time to leave for their evening ceremony at (insert drumroll here!) – MOVIEWORLD! Arriving at the park was incredible … we were escorted by security into the park where everything was lit up and all of Garry and Terri’s family and friends were waiting just inside the main entrance.

Batman was on hand to greet all of the guests, and it wasn’t long after that everyone was escorted into the Hall of Justice to wait for the girls to arrive. The girls were driven to Movieworld in a  and were then escorted down the red carpet and through the main entrance, straight to the Hall of Justice. There we were greeted to Bronwyn Saleh taking the duty to conduct the ceremony from 'Ceremonies with Bronwyn' who do a wonderful job tying in the batman/Wonderman anaologies

After their beautiful ceremony commenced, we then proceeded to let our hair down and have some fun around the park. Family portraits were taken on the red carpet, the group photo was taken with Batman inside the main entrance, and Garry and Terri had their portraits with (….). We all had an absolute blast!

The reception commenced in Scooby-Doos haunted house and the room was set up spectacularly. The attention to detail in the room was incredible. Each table was set to a different superhero theme, there were batman cookies as favours for their guests, and the cake featured a Batman topper. The evening was wonderful with their guests being treated to a buffet meal and cake and coffee for dessert. Terri and Garry’s dramatic first dance was lit impressively with AFU pyrotechnics and special effects that did a tremendous job making their first dance such a memory; lets not forget to mention that it was a huge hit with their guests. The evening ended with a wide circle of goodbye from both sides of the family, their were also a few heart felt tears. This was such an incredible day to be a part of, and we hope you enjoy these images and video from their day.

Terri and Garry, thank you SO much for having us all there on your day! We wish you all the very best in your married life together. Thanks so much from the J’adore team!