Best Wedding Venues Gold Coast

RACV Royal Pines Wedding Photo & Video - Matt + Kerry

RACV Royal Pines Wedding Photo & Video - Matt + Kerry

One thing I love most about being a wedding photography is Yes, of course, the creative & fun side.. but also the fact that we get to meet some awesome people! People we can just gel with so easily, have a good laugh & create some awesome memories for them. 

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Marriott Surfers Paradise Wedding Showcase 2018

Marriott Surfers Paradise Wedding Showcase 2018

Each year we are lucky enough to attend Marriott's amazing Wedding Showcase, and each year it just keeps getting bigger & better! With more & more amazing vendors It is the one stop shop for all of your wedding needs. From Bands to Celebrants all the way to invitations & wedding stylists. Every inch of your wedding can be covered in a few hours.. imagine that?!

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Ceremony Styling by Wishes Events at The Marriott Hotel & Spa Surfers Paradise - Gold Coast

Set the stage for romance with a beautiful Gold Coast wedding. The elegant venues at Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort & Spa are well suited to both intimate cocktail receptions & magnificent banquets, accompanied by our experienced staff whom are dedicated to making your day truly special.

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Engagement Photography & Video Gold Coast, Mount Tamborine

We love engagement photography & video, there’s just something about it. The excitement of the upcoming wedding you can really see just how much it shows in the photos, the raw emotion & love our couples have for each other. Which is personally what I enjoy the most about what I do, capturing those precious moments of pure love & happiness. Its what we al aspire to have right? Surrounding myself by this creates a wealth of genuine joy & happiness for each and every one of my couples.  It is a no pressure, fun situation which makes for some great images. generally, with an easy going atmosphere I like to make this as comfortable as I can for my Mr & Mrs to be.

 It is also the best way to get to know our couples, spend the afternoon laughing while at the same time getting comfortable in front of the camera with out even realising it. More often then not we here the male say that actually wasn't as bad as they had originally thought. We have included a selection of our couples for your viewing pleasure. Contact us now & lock in your engagement shoot, We also have special offers for couples that book there wedding with us as well even if its at a later date you will get the discount of your wedding package, Winning!

We are open to any location but we have found a few that we really enjoy & feel that they are ideal for a shoot like this as they all have multiple options. The Spit is one of the Gold coasts most popular spots, with options looking both directions for sunrise and sunset overlooking the beach as well as the greenery inland. I also use this venue a lot for wedding photography and video as well.

Out next favourite spot is Tamborine Mountain Botanical Gardens, this is great for the couple that want to make a bit of a day of it and spend the day up at Mt Tamborine maybe have some lunch or visit a winery, Again the bonus of this spot is amazing gardens & so many different locations with different feels. I have been here several times now for weddings as well & I still find new spots I love every time I go.  

Our third & final is the Benowa Botanical Gardens this is also used as a wedding destination as well but is actually quiet enough to use as a regular spot, the lake is the highlight here with gardens & some interesting structures surrounding it. We suggest these 3 for our engagement clients as we know we will get at least 10 great different images from each spot.  

Engagement videos are only fairly new & they have dual purposes. I personally am going to be pushing more & more to do these as video is my primary passion as well as what I enjoy doing most here at J’adore. You can use as a build up to the wedding, tell people your love story of how you both met & the moment you both fell in love. Talk about how excited you are for the wedding & discuss some of the emotions that flow through you when thinking about the special wedding moments like walking down the isle.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. I love to know what your thoughts are. 


Rob Bampton

RACV Royal Pines Wedding Venue.

We've been lucky enough to score a few weddings at this amazing location. Not only does it provide both a ceremony and reception venue, but it also caters to a wide range of locations for the photo section.

For your big wedding day, you want to be close by for the ceremony, as every bride never wants to be late on their wedding day. Because of this 5 minute walk from the resort it's PERFECT! and who wouldn't want to stay in the heart of the Gold Coast looking over a variety of sceneries ranging between mountain top views, coastal, and parklands views. 

Nestled into the lush landscape is the resorts weddings chapel.  Complete from Australian/Italian timber and marble floors, stained glass windows that reflects natural light, this  romantic ceremony comfortable seats 100 guests. What's even better is the places to put our camera's for the ceremony. It's always a difficult decision deciding where to put the tripods as we always run the risk of any parties moving out of the shot; but with four tripods set up around the foyer, this chapel creates an effectively beautiful wedding video in the making already. 

There are a variety of picturesque area's surrounding RACV Royal Pines resort. whether you're wanting a candid creation or something more creative, the elements we get to surround ourselves with at the Royal Pines resort will always test our skills. 

If you're wanting to add something a little extra to the special night, the venue provides a couple of options in regards to a lavish or sentimental wedding cake.  Additional themed accessories can be provided at the reception if the LOVE bold sign is something of your taste, one of the more popular choices is the wishing well that can come in different objects.