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Bilinga Surf Club & Elephant Rock Wedding Photo & Video - Mohab & Melinda

Bilinga Surf Club &  Elephant Rock Wedding Photo & Video - Mohab & Melinda

It wasn't so long ago now that we had the pleasure of being apart of Mohab & Melinda's very special day. Being selected for something so important and significant we feel very privileged to provide life long memories for such wonderful people. The love & passion we have for what we do is enormous and we truly hope this shines through our work with each and every one of our amazing couples. 

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Broadwater Chapel Wedding Photo & Video - Igor & Heay-Joo

Broadwater Chapel Wedding Photo & Video - Igor & Heay-Joo

Meeting with this Igor & Heay-Joo a month prior to the wedding at Southport Sharks Cabana Bar with their wedding co-ordinator Tanja from TM Event Planning we could see how much these two meant to one another. Heay-Joo being pregnant too they were soon to be a very happy little family.

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RACV Royal Pines Gold Coast Wedding Photo & Video - Mitch & Bonnie

Meeting with these two a short while before the wedding you could just tell they were easy going, down to earth, lovely people. The first initial meet went quite well, we all got along great & in the blink of an eye it was they're wedding day. 

Making our way to one of our most visited wedding venues, RACV Royal Pines we were eager to get into the action. Starting with Bonnie & the girls i think its safe to say for the first time in her life she was nervous. & apparently for Bonnie this is a big deal, so we knew we were in for a great day. With the emotions running high, we could see she just couldn't wait to marry the man of her dreams. 

& might I just add she was looking just gorgeous, having her makeup done by Abby  hair by one of her talented bridesmaids Kelly Coleman with a beautiful head piece to finish it off words couldn't explain. It was definitely her day and she looked nothing short of a princess.

Making our short way over to the boys who were just down the hall, it was no different. Mitch just couldn't wipe the smile off of his face. Just the way we like it!! Getting some quick shots of his preparation it wasn't long before we needed to start our journey down to the chapel.

Originally it was supposed to be an outdoor ceremony, but with the weather as it was this made it a little difficult. Luckily we had the great team from RACV & W Events to save the day with a gorgeous indoors set up. Featuring a big wooden arbor covered in some beautiful floral the set up was still amazing non the less. 

In no time at all, Bonnie was walking through the doors with her father by her side & all eyes on her. As she made her way down the aisle there were tears, smiles and nothing but love flowing her way. Having the celebrant being the infamous Shane Vincent the ceremony was full of laughs. Thus being our first time working with Shane we enjoyed it just as much as everyone else. 

Before long, the vows had been said, the rings had been placed on one another fingers & they were named man & wife. Nothing could bring these two down, not even a little bit of bad weather. 

Walking out of the ceremony we moved straight into family photos, followed by the photos section. Which i think its safe to say all parties loved! we had a special visit from their fury baby Sonny who was just GORGEOUS! Getting Sonny  in the photos was just perfect, a sweet little family portrait for both Bonnie & Mitch to treasure forever. 

After e finished the photos section it was time for the reception, coming straight into the first dance yet again there was nothing but smiles and love filing the room. Moving beautifully around the room to the sweet sound of Chris Hutchison it was definitely a moment to remember! 

Moving onto the speeches they were kept short & sweet, although Dad’s speech was very special as they always are. Listening to the love he shares for his daughter Bonnie was pure love, one of my favourite parts is hearing the speeches. Out comes all of the heartfelt beautiful words of wisdom, love & appreciation. 

It was now time for us to head off shortly after speeches had completed, saying our goodbyes we wishes Mitch & Bonnie the very best!! Cant wait to get them into the studio to show them their wedding gallery, album design and wedding video!! :D 

Engagement Photography & Video Gold Coast, Mount Tamborine

We love engagement photography & video, there’s just something about it. The excitement of the upcoming wedding you can really see just how much it shows in the photos, the raw emotion & love our couples have for each other. Which is personally what I enjoy the most about what I do, capturing those precious moments of pure love & happiness. Its what we al aspire to have right? Surrounding myself by this creates a wealth of genuine joy & happiness for each and every one of my couples.  It is a no pressure, fun situation which makes for some great images. generally, with an easy going atmosphere I like to make this as comfortable as I can for my Mr & Mrs to be.

 It is also the best way to get to know our couples, spend the afternoon laughing while at the same time getting comfortable in front of the camera with out even realising it. More often then not we here the male say that actually wasn't as bad as they had originally thought. We have included a selection of our couples for your viewing pleasure. Contact us now & lock in your engagement shoot, We also have special offers for couples that book there wedding with us as well even if its at a later date you will get the discount of your wedding package, Winning!

We are open to any location but we have found a few that we really enjoy & feel that they are ideal for a shoot like this as they all have multiple options. The Spit is one of the Gold coasts most popular spots, with options looking both directions for sunrise and sunset overlooking the beach as well as the greenery inland. I also use this venue a lot for wedding photography and video as well.

Out next favourite spot is Tamborine Mountain Botanical Gardens, this is great for the couple that want to make a bit of a day of it and spend the day up at Mt Tamborine maybe have some lunch or visit a winery, Again the bonus of this spot is amazing gardens & so many different locations with different feels. I have been here several times now for weddings as well & I still find new spots I love every time I go.  

Our third & final is the Benowa Botanical Gardens this is also used as a wedding destination as well but is actually quiet enough to use as a regular spot, the lake is the highlight here with gardens & some interesting structures surrounding it. We suggest these 3 for our engagement clients as we know we will get at least 10 great different images from each spot.  

Engagement videos are only fairly new & they have dual purposes. I personally am going to be pushing more & more to do these as video is my primary passion as well as what I enjoy doing most here at J’adore. You can use as a build up to the wedding, tell people your love story of how you both met & the moment you both fell in love. Talk about how excited you are for the wedding & discuss some of the emotions that flow through you when thinking about the special wedding moments like walking down the isle.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. I love to know what your thoughts are. 


Rob Bampton

Tory & Bianca Wedding Photography & Video, Sanctuary Cove Chapel Ceremony & Surfers Paradise Marriott Ballroom Reception Gold Coast

Hi my name is Natarlie I am a Video editor as well as Videographer. It puts me in the unique situation of getting to not only know our couples on the day but also in the editing process, I hope you enjoy my blog about Tory and Bianca's wedding day. 

Tory and Rob have been friends since high school and it's always great to have that connection and trust, Tory & Bianca have been following J'adores work for a long time and knew that it was going to be a great fit, so after getting engaged, Rob meet with them a fair few times so they could work on creating a vision for there wedding photography and video. A lot of what happens on a wedding day is documentary related so we just record what's in front of us, but what we can control is how it's recorded with a end goal in mind and it's important to us that we work closely on that. 

Tory's best man who is his brother Jeb and some of the other family got ready in Tory and Bianca's House with with Tory's building skills, being converted into their dream home. The guys where very relaxed in getting ready and just couldn't wait to get the day's proceedings started.

Seeing Bianca done up from head to toe in her princess themed gown, made my heart stop so I can't be too sure on how Tory reacted, but she was just simple divine. With dimontee encrusted sleeves draped over each shoulder and long curly brown hair to match a dazzling smile, Bianca completed her look with a white bouquet and neutral natural colour dresses for her made of honour/ bridesmaid to have. 

Previously shooting at Sanctuary Cove Chapel only two weeks prior to Tory & Bianca's wedding, we were lucky enough to be apart of another fun filled day at this extravagant wedding chapel complete with floor to ceiling glass windows to overlook the tranquil lifestyle of Sanctuary Cove.  

While only staying at Sanctuary Cove for the ceremony, we decided to stay at this amazing venue for a bit longer as we went from an array of locations including the fountain Terrace surrounded by lush gardens and the open air Marina Lawn overlooking the Coomera River.  As it was such a great day, Rob even got the drone out to take some landscape video's of the whole venue and the couple above the waterfall at Sanctuary Cove. 

Walking into the Surfers paradise Marriott Resort Hotel and Spa , it was like stepping into a whole different setting, a movie even. As you look above and notice intricately woven fan boards blowing back. This was our location for the rest of the photos and the reception. We tucked amidst the sparkling lagoons and shooting between tree's where the pool's were to get those extra creative/cool shots. 

we then took it another step further by getting some glamorous shots of the couple and Bianca standing along the grand staircase, bouquet resting to the side.  As we extended our stay up into the reception area we noticed the backdrop was done elegantly and to perfection. The ballroom looked etherial as all of the candles placed around the event room made the ambiance more intimate. 

A huge thank you to the event planner at the Marriot; Sarah Fraser , as the rooms were done to perfection; we had our own private section where we could edit a few images quickly to post up for Tory and Bianca as we love doing this for a our clients especially when everyone is eating at the reception and we have a bit of spare time. The rest of the guests were starting to pour in by this stage, so we were quick to decide where our tripods would be situation before the speeches were conducted. This is always a hard task as we aim to capture 100% of the speeches, but if they move we have a harder time, this fortunately didn't happen and we were treated to an accordion song played by Bianca's father. Listening to the speeches we got to learn a lot about the couple. 

How they met at a party, and how one date changed everything as they kept at it, through buying a house together and then Tory finally proposing, J'adore was soo lucky to be apart of their lucky day. 

Written by Natarlie Weller