Gold coast helitours

Thunderbird Park, Wedding Photography/Video, Mt Tamborine, Cameron & Kimberly

We can’t ever say it enough, we LOVE our themed weddings!!! and what could have been better than a beauty and the beast themed with this beautiful couple? We had a fun adventure ahead of us for Cameron & Kimberly’s wedding day with a group of four for both photography and videography at Thunderbird Park Mount Tamborine GoldCoast. As we had never shot their before, we were excited to see what amazing places the venue had to offer us in inspiration for both photo and video.

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Maliheh & Mahdi Hosseini's wedding film and photography

On the 4th of October 2015 J'adore had the enjoyment of shooting a traditional Afghan wedding. Cultural weddings are always an experience to shoot as it gives us an appreciation for the cultural values the world has to offer.  


Towards the afternoon the team travelled to Beenleigh to shoot the soon to be bride and groom preparing for their exciting adventures ahead.  As the bride couldn't be exposed to the other men aside from her husband, Jess the photographer and I rose to the challenge of creating a timeless scene in the brides bedroom. Maliheh accentuated her strapless bridal gown with a silver cape she draped over herself. 


Mahdi Seeing Maliheh for the first time was an experience to capture on both video and camera. To visually see his eyes widen as he took in his beautiful bride was a remarkable time to capture such an intimate moment.

Broadbeach at the Marina Mirage was our next location as we travelled back to the gold coast to shoot an exciting moment. The best thing about being apart of the team, is the new and exciting opportunities always coming up. J'adore rose to the challenge when asked to film/ photograph the pair taking off on the Gold coast helitours.


Before the party ventured back to the reception, candid shots were taken of Maliheh and Mahdi  embracing each other along the pier. Between making sure no male saw her exposed skin with the silver cape off to switching up the photo/ video is was a busy afternoon as the sun was setting down, creating the most intimate and personal moments. 

The reception at the Beenleigh convention centre was intense as Jess and I battled to catch every moment. We had our work cut out for us as by custom the males and females were segregated. Everyone was dressed in the most colourful schemes as they all traditionally danced without their hijab's on; because of this we understood their need to not be captured.  

By the time the team of four arrived. The girls  arrived, the festivities were ready to begin. The night started by traditional thankyou's and blessing's on the girls side as Maliheh settled down in the traditional seat 'the Kosha' (two seats in front of the guests). The crowd rose from their chairs and throughout the night said their prayers for a prosperous future in wake for both Maliheh and Mahdi. 

It was a challenge for the J'adore team, as one photographer and videographer each had to be on separate sides for the traditional occasion.  Still we rose to the challenge and followed the cultural ways. It's always fun being able to be apart of a different and cultural wedding with traditions that aren't usually captured. 

The night was filled with more traditions as the money dance was conducted, this followed through with a conventional Arabic dinner. 

As the material was tied around both Maliheh and Mahdi waist, capturing that moment was an experience. The wedding was winding down and it was cementing in that Maliheh and Mahdi would begin their lives as husband and wife. Their were brief moments as they tied around their waists where they couldn't stop looking at each other, too inwrapped with these small enriching moments to notice the sea of guests surrounding them with joy.