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St Bernards Hotel, Mt Tamborine Wedding Photography & Videography Ben & Rachel

A love like both Ben & Rach is something we all aspire to have, it's that warm love early in the morning, and waking up with their two beautiful children, that shows just how love is supposed to operate. 

Hi everyone, Rob here. Today’s blog is of great importance to me as its a wedding I hold very close to my heart. Not only was it a special day, but it was also one of the most important and significant days to one of my best mates Ben, I could not have thought of any better wedding gift then to be able to capture this moment of a life time and every moment in between for someone so near and dear to me. 

Onto of this I also got to work alongside another one of my best mates & amazing photographer Tim Smallman, Tim is our resident Melbourne Photographer but for this wedding in particular it was evident to me that he needed to become apart of the experience as well. Prior to the big day I had meet with Ben & Rachel at their chosen wedding venue - St Bernards hotel located in Mt Tamborine. I love getting the opportunity to have a thorough view of my clients chosen venue to discuss the possible positioning of all the precious moments we will soon be capturing, taking into consideration all of the different backgrounds we can utilise as well as getting them comfortable within that environment. 

Moving forward to the wedding day I meet with Ben, his best mate Luke, brother & soon to be brother in law Ryan. All the guys were getting themselves ready at Ben’s mum Anette’s house in Nerang. While the best man was doing some last minute ironing Timmy and I begun to take some images of the accessories as well as covering Ben putting his suit on whilst Luke was lending a hand. To Ben’s surprise, Rach had left him a small gift on the bed. As Ben opened the card he came to realise it was a signed wedding gift from all the Manly Sea Eagles football team (his favourite team), wishing him a happy wedding day you could see Ben’s hands start to tremble as his eyes filled with tears of love & joy. To see all of that beautiful emotion it was a reminder to us all of just how thoughtful Rach is, and as per usual this one this moment got me a little teary. 

Moving on to the beautiful Bride to be Rachel was getting prepared for her big day at St Bernards, which has a absolutely breathtaking view of the entire Gold Coast surrounded by beautiful rambling gardens providing me with endless image opportunities. With their elegant Grande Marquee or better known as the stylish Rafters Room accomodating anywhere from 20 to 200 guests I was already excited for all of the amazing photos I was about to have the opportunity to capture. Also on this beautiful property there was an awe-inspiring cottage, with wide open windows and an amazing indoor setting this is where Rachel, Bec, Melissa & Natasha began the unforgettable voyage of getting the gorgeous bride ready, her hair & make up was looked flawless the girls from VIP Bridal Beauty (Tennille and Liv) did a great job. Her dress was equally beautiful supplied by Bohemian Brides Miami and flowers by Matamata Home Florist.

Again, emotions were running high with a few special moments taking place, for example the moment the girls & her father laid eyes Rachel in her stunning dress for the first time they were all lost for words. Then her two handsome little men Jimmy & Henry arrived,  it took little Henry a while to work out that the beautiful princess before him was his mother, as its not every day the little man gets to see his gorgeous mother looking like Cinderella. 

Racing up to set the tripod up in preparation for the ceremony which was styled by Beautiful Weddings Gold Coast Hinterland, a multiple award winning wedding styling company specialising in creating dream wedding ceremonies & receptions and they didn't disappoint as it was Beautiful. It was great to see a few familiar faces while I set up multiple camera angles covering each view of emotion as well as my professional audio straight from the celebrants PA it was time for action.

I believe it is of great importance to get quality audio especially in an outdoor wedding such as this, with the wind surrounding us you really need to ensure your getting the audio straight from the celebrants microphone. 

The ceremony itself was extremely touching to all who attended, as well as those who have taken the time to view the wedding video itself. Firstly you will see the wedding celebrant announcing Ben’s two beautiful little men coming down the isle, turning to Ben you could see how high the emotions were running. Overwhelmed with the happiness & love of this very special day Ben for a slight moment turned away and by this point I already had tears in my eyes, then down came the gorgeous bride to be. 

As I approached Rachel & her father I realised she was crying to the point where for a brief moment they had to stop for a second. Seeing, feeling & breathing in this pure emotion it was safe to say by this point I was sobbing myself. 

I am so so grateful to be apart of these special moments, being able to capture the raw emotion bride, groom & everyone surrounding feels so deeply is something I take the time to appreciate significantly. 

Once we were all settled the ceremony went well with a great mixture of emotion & laughter. The celebrant was Sarah May Alexander, Civil Marriage Celebrant, who as she always does did a amazing job, she really is dedicated and you can tell that she loves what she does.  

Moving onto the photos section we had a lot of fun together creating images and capturing those moment they will never forget. The bridal crew were getting really involved and I love to see that, makes for a much better end result and an all over happier experience. Jimmy & Henry were also full in action with beaming smiles and an over flow of excitement ready to get in both the wedding photos & videos. We went through all the gardens at St Bernard's with the bridal party, finishing up with just our newly weds referring back to those locations we found in the initial meeting I had with the couple prior to the wedding. 

Straight into the reception we started with the bridal parties entrances all being announced as each pair came through, followed by speeches and then of course the amazing food starting promptly after this. The speeches were very heartwarming for me, seeing my good mates Nick & Luke giving the speech of a lifetime as well as Ben’s mum Anette it was very touching for me as well as everyone else in the room. 

Getting onto the first dance we got started, wasn’t long before the two little rock stars took over the dance floor putting on a show with some wild moves learnt from none other then father Ben. The DJ and photo booth where both a big hit as they where playing some of Ben's classic favorites like red hot chilli peppers aswell as Rach's popular stuff. The photo booth was always full and was a big hit, The great part about that is that it was actually the same company that supplied both All Star.  

A massive thank you to Ben & Rach for allowing me the pleasure of being apart of their special day.  Also a big thank you to Timmy for sharing his unique skills & passion for being an awesome photographer on this day. Ben & Rach have decided to get a wedding album which we worked very closely on to tell there story for the day that will be passed on for many generations to come. Please feel free to comment & share! Would love to hear your thoughts. 

Rob Bampton 

Celebrant - Sarah May Alexander, Civil Marriage Celebrant, Qld
Hair/makeup - VIP Bridal Beauty (Tennille and Liv)
Venue - St Bernards Hotel
Wedding coordinator - Sharon ( St Bernards)
DJ/photo booth - All Star
Cake - Cakey Creations Cakes
Styling (ceremony and reception) - Beautiful Weddings Gold Coast Hinterland
Dresses - Bohemian Brides Miami
Flowers - Matamata Home Florist

Andrew & Emma's Redcliffe Wedding.

On the 23rd of July, the team at J'adore was booked, with two weddings going on at once in different place, we split up ready to take on the day. 

Rob and I were excited to be shooting in Red cliff, with the amazing views at our fingertips, it was a blessing that on this day the sun was and weather was playing in our favour compared to the last week her on the Gold coast being freezing! 

With the elements playing to our advantage and a full day photography package we turned up at Emma's family house. And Boy were we surprised to note that she was already getting on her wedding gown. As we never had, had a bride getting ready early before, we rushed in to discover Emma beaming and fall of smiles and excitement. Complete with creams and a pink head piece that matched her bouquet, I couldn't stop commenting on how her curled black hair twisted delicately up into the head piece.  With her best friend and sister by her side, there was no doubt that the day would turn perfectly! Emma chose  neutral floor length dresses for both of her bridesmaids, complete with a variety of pink roses to form their bouquet. 

Because of Emma's excitement with getting ready early, we were able to capture everything and more complete with a few portrait shots right at the end before we decided to take the extra time to go to Andrews apartments and take a few snaps. Andrew was smiling. The whole day, and the infectious smiles and laughter had us going right up until we had to depart them. 

As we turned up at the ceremony quickly as it was a five minute journey away from Andrews apartment, we realised that both the ceremony and reception would be held at The Golden Ox Restaurant  . The wedding ceremony was held in the gardens outside. With waterfalls cascading down in the background as you take your first steps over Monet's bridge and find yourself walking along the red carpet the leads to an open pavilion where the the formalities take place. As the rest of the guests began circling into the venue, we were keen to take snaps of every individual, to put in the memory bank for both Andrew & Emma. 

We only had a short amount of time to do the photos between the ceremony ending the the reception starting, so with Andrew & Emma's bridal party in the limo, we raced off down to the historical Redcliffe Jetty. Since being constructed in the early 1800s this historical place was perfect to get some creative snaps of everyone right before it was dark. 

One of the benefits like I always say in the blogs is when we have our PINTRIST BRIDES!!! it's great when both parties feel like the day is living up to its fullest potential. With Emma already sending Rob a few of the images she wanted before hand, we were easily able to set up the flash lights and take a variety of different shots held on the Jetty.

Turning back up at The Golden Ox Restaurant, we were led to the GRANDE Room that can comfortably hold over 100 guests. Everything was done to perfection.  With am inflatable Love sign draped above the bridal party table, the rest of the venue opened up to long tables leading to an open ballroom floor. What made this venue even more unique was the layer of mirrors held in a corner, this got both of us excited, as this was another way for us to test how creative we could get for Andrew and Emma's images.

When we go to a wedding, it's more than just taking the photos, and video's for the clients, as we are apart of one of the happiest day of their lives, we want to make it just as enjoyable. From our quirky colour game on the jetty to the unfortunate headless bride we want to make sure they remember all of the best moments of their day.  Both Emma and Andrew are going to live a brilliant life, sometimes you just know it with clients, from the way they look at each other, to the words of great praise friends and family.  

By Natarlie 


Terry & Garry's Movieworld Wedding Gold Coast


The best aspect of photographing a wedding is without a doubt getting to glimpse the amazing connection between two people in love, and with Garry and Terri this was no exception. Their love story started a little over a year ago and it's just taken off since then. they knew from the start that that they were committed to each other and it wasn’t long after that Garry proposed, and how could you blame the guy? After only meeting Terri for a short amount of time, her happiness and keen eye for detail instantly made her one of our favourite brides. 

Both Garry and Terri are comic book fans and they both knew that they wanted their wedding to be spectacularly different and personally suited to their shared interests. So on Saturday the 23rd of July, Jess, Sunny, Dwayne and Leanne joined Garry and Terri and their bridal party at SeaWorld Nara Resort late in the afternoon for their evening wedding, where they were all getting ready in different rooms.

Sunny and Leanne arrived to find the girls having a fantastic time together, just chilling out and listening to music. They both set out photographing and videoing all the small and large details that Terri and Garry had put so much thought and effort into. The theme for their wedding was ‘Superheros’. Batman, Flash, The Green Lantern and Superman all played a part and the boys were matched with the girls. A very special part of the girl’s afternoon was when Terri and Garry both separately left video messages for each other in private. This was incredibly touching to witness and will feature in their video.

Terri is one of the most beautiful brides we've come across, from her kindhearted nature, to that infectious laughter of her's, you can immediately tell why Garry became so infatuated with her.  With Terri's purple hair pinned and curled to the back as certain wisps framed her face this was done by InspiredARTISTRY.  As the team took action taking special attention to Terri's extra details, we noticed little traces of batman was all over. From the mustard yellow flats complete with the batman logo at the front, to the exquisite yellow and black batman flower placed to the side of her. She didn't stop their though, upon inspecting the bouquet it was done in array of colours that collaborated perfectly with the colours of the bridesmaids dresses. 

Before we knew it, the girls were ready and it was time to leave for their evening ceremony at (insert drumroll here!) – MOVIEWORLD! Arriving at the park was incredible … we were escorted by security into the park where everything was lit up and all of Garry and Terri’s family and friends were waiting just inside the main entrance.

Batman was on hand to greet all of the guests, and it wasn’t long after that everyone was escorted into the Hall of Justice to wait for the girls to arrive. The girls were driven to Movieworld in a  and were then escorted down the red carpet and through the main entrance, straight to the Hall of Justice. There we were greeted to Bronwyn Saleh taking the duty to conduct the ceremony from 'Ceremonies with Bronwyn' who do a wonderful job tying in the batman/Wonderman anaologies

After their beautiful ceremony commenced, we then proceeded to let our hair down and have some fun around the park. Family portraits were taken on the red carpet, the group photo was taken with Batman inside the main entrance, and Garry and Terri had their portraits with (….). We all had an absolute blast!

The reception commenced in Scooby-Doos haunted house and the room was set up spectacularly. The attention to detail in the room was incredible. Each table was set to a different superhero theme, there were batman cookies as favours for their guests, and the cake featured a Batman topper. The evening was wonderful with their guests being treated to a buffet meal and cake and coffee for dessert. Terri and Garry’s dramatic first dance was lit impressively with AFU pyrotechnics and special effects that did a tremendous job making their first dance such a memory; lets not forget to mention that it was a huge hit with their guests. The evening ended with a wide circle of goodbye from both sides of the family, their were also a few heart felt tears. This was such an incredible day to be a part of, and we hope you enjoy these images and video from their day.

Terri and Garry, thank you SO much for having us all there on your day! We wish you all the very best in your married life together. Thanks so much from the J’adore team!


Daniel & Karlee Inercontinental Sanctuary Cove Wedding.

We are always delighted when we hear we are going back to one of our favourite venues at the Sanctuary Cove Chapel, Daniel & Karlee story is a great one. Having been brushed off a couple of times previously, Our couple had briefly meet out partying but it wasn't until Daniel's sister worked at a vet's clinic with Karlee until Daniel really made a impression. Things didn't truly progress until Daniel's nieces 1st birthday, where they both attended before things finally took off, and here we are now.

Starting off at Karlee's place, Jess's, Rob's and I made it our priority to make this the best day possible for both Daniel and & Karlee. 

While Daniel was just getting ready down the road, this led to our job being so much easier. Rob ended up leaving jess and I with the girls for a bit while he went to shoot the girls, so in that time, we decided to get all of the detail shots, that way we weren't missing anything from the day between the three of us.

Featured from the floor-to ceiling windows that illuminate the whole area, the Sanctuary Cove Chapel was perfect for Daniel and Karlee, it also couldn't help being a 5 minute golf cart ride away from saying I do.  We managed to get everything set up effectively, checking the audio, and camera placement. It's always a difficult decision deciding where to place the camera's for ceremony, as no on wants to miss anything. Karlee came down the aisle looking as pretty as ever, as she clutched her bouquet to her face, smiling and grinning, as Daniel turned away trying to get a hold of the situation.

We love seeing these moments of raw emotion, in a way it's what makes us love our jobs even more.  As we travelled through the photo section we started off at The Sanctuary Cove Resort which was perfect. With a garden pavilion and man made beach, we took to all of the best locations and decided to fool around with the lighting. As the sun was going down we were keen to taking some videography of the two individuals together before we set off sprinkling petals over the beach. We then ventured to the courtyard where we did a series of situations ranging from the bride being picked up by all three groomsmen, when we tried with the situations reversing things took a rapid decline.... But the girls still maintained their wit and held Daniels flailing body for a few good shots!!

One of the best photography/videography features about Sanctuary cove is the reflection pool, here we can get some of the best stuff. As the sun was setting we decided to get out our LED lights which really got things turning a different way in a sense of our camera image.

The intercontinental always features and highlights some of the best theme's for weddings, whether you're looking for the glamorous themed wedding or you like the rustic or elegant themed, the Intercontinental resort can spaciously provide. The reception area, was decked out with round tables filling up the foyer, pale white and peach flowers littered the whole event as we were preparing to set up the speeches gear while also listening to Jackson James Smith providing some soulful acoustic cover tunes. 

As the couple came in through the reception area with a crowd loudly cheering behind them, Karlee's gleeful laughs could be heard around the whole venue as Daniel took to carrying his bride in to the reception in true gentlemanly fashions. Daniel and Karlee's night was filled was the prettiest cake, layered from gold, to hues of pinks and creams. From there on, their night was filled was soo many memories they get to look back on with their video.

From the Shannon Noll singing Marathon to techno beats, "what about me", to Daniel's deceleration of love, for his Wife, we got to be apart of an amazing day courtesy to this funny and flamboyant couple. We wish you the best!!