J'adore Wedding videography

Summergrove Estate, Ben & Kylie's Wedding Photography & Video

Hi everybody Rob Bampton here thanks for taking a few moments to read J'adore Weddings blog. Today I will be walking you through my experience with Ben & Kylie at Summergrove Estate. J'adore was recommended to Ben by a mutual friend & from there we had decided to meet up for coffee. To me that is a good sign when the client wants to meet up it's clear that they value their wedding photography & video, this is also an important part of building that relationship we so often talk about. 

For those who have read my blog before, they know how important connection to my clients is & how strong I feel making an impact on the end result. I really got along well with these guys from the moment we sat down & I instantly felt like they are my kind of people. So immediately we built that trust, we kept in touch & discussed ideas in the lead up to the wedding & had decided that we would meet up at the venue the day before the wedding to spend some time together, whilst also having a look around the venue, discuss timing etc. Although it is over a hour travel for me to get out to Summergrove Estate I think this time together is priceless.

When I saw both Ben & Kylie on the wedding morning it really was such a warm welcome, I knew it was going to be a great day. First we covered the grooms preparation, In the private villa, before heading over to the Bridal room Kylie's hair & make up was done by Tegan Woodford, her dress supplied by made with love bridal collection - The Frankie Dress, the bridesmaids didn't take long to start tearing up as they saw Kylie in her dress for the first time.

I also asked them both to read a letter they received from each other, quality audio especially letters like this are great when it comes to telling our bride & grooms love story. Summergrove Estate is one of my favourite Gold Coast Wedding venues, I really do love these all in one venues where the whole wedding from start to finish can be all in one location. One of there features is the ceremony setup, with a amazing view the hinterland.

The moments that followed at the ceremony were special to me, it really is hard to believe I get paid to be part of these amazing moments, seeing Ben's tears as his young son Harvey walk down the isle, then as he kneeled down to get a big Harvey hug, I was certainly in tears myself, I really feel that because I am feeling these emotions it helps me to capture them and retell the story through my images and video. Following Harvey was Kylie,  seeing Ben's reaction change was priceless I felt like immediately he got a burst of excitement with a tinge of nervousness, with the accompanying smile from ear to ear. It was a heartfelt ceremony & I love the thought that Harvey will be able to look back & watch each moment as we sync our multiple camera angles & professional audio which turns into a ceremonial masterpiece.

We had a 17 person bridal party which was my biggest to date & during the photos section they where ready to party that's for sure. So we got some group images before sending them back of to the bar while we stole the bride & groom for the remaining time before the ceremony, This wedding also marked the first collaboration Of myself with Dean & Karen Agar, Dean had been a long time friend & also mentor, so having him join me for the photos section was great and the results speak for themselves. Moving into the reception Ben's background in dancing showed as well as a few members of the bridal party. As everybody made their entrances with accompanied dance moves. We moved into the speeches section which was a great mix of fun, laughter & emotion.

Sooo it's time to hit the dance floor for the first dance as Kylie is waiting while Ben is talking to the DJ she realises that the song that started playing wasn't the song they had picked, following this we all see Brother Jesse and Joel move onto the dance floor followed by Ben, at this moment everybody realises what is happening as the 3 of them who have been dancing together since they where 10 started to perform a dance for Kylie. For me this moment was magical and is the reason I do what I do. In a effort to keep this secret even I didn't know this was coming but I just let the emotion of the moment flow & I flowed through a few different point of views mainly trying to keep it from Kylie's view. Then moving around to show the crowds reactions and then moved back in close to cover the intimate moment they share.

I knew this moment was special what I didn't know was the reaction it was going to receive online. After I posted this video to Facebook the reaction was AMAZING. With only a few days later having reached over 300,000 people & then being contacted by the local news channel asking for permission to use the video along with Ben & Kylie's contact information then only a few hours later hearing from them saying they just did a interview then that night seeing it appear on the news. I know this isn't about me but it really did touch me the fact that this moment had touched so many people & reading all the comments from people saying how it effected them, then seeing it on the news was magical. To add to that I was in Fiji at the time shooting a destination wedding & was already on cloud 9. Again I would love to hear from you! Please comment on our blog. Let me know what you think of the images and videos.



St Bernards Hotel, Mt Tamborine Wedding Photography & Videography Ben & Rachel

A love like both Ben & Rach is something we all aspire to have, it's that warm love early in the morning, and waking up with their two beautiful children, that shows just how love is supposed to operate. 

Hi everyone, Rob here. Today’s blog is of great importance to me as its a wedding I hold very close to my heart. Not only was it a special day, but it was also one of the most important and significant days to one of my best mates Ben, I could not have thought of any better wedding gift then to be able to capture this moment of a life time and every moment in between for someone so near and dear to me. 

Onto of this I also got to work alongside another one of my best mates & amazing photographer Tim Smallman, Tim is our resident Melbourne Photographer but for this wedding in particular it was evident to me that he needed to become apart of the experience as well. Prior to the big day I had meet with Ben & Rachel at their chosen wedding venue - St Bernards hotel located in Mt Tamborine. I love getting the opportunity to have a thorough view of my clients chosen venue to discuss the possible positioning of all the precious moments we will soon be capturing, taking into consideration all of the different backgrounds we can utilise as well as getting them comfortable within that environment. 

Moving forward to the wedding day I meet with Ben, his best mate Luke, brother & soon to be brother in law Ryan. All the guys were getting themselves ready at Ben’s mum Anette’s house in Nerang. While the best man was doing some last minute ironing Timmy and I begun to take some images of the accessories as well as covering Ben putting his suit on whilst Luke was lending a hand. To Ben’s surprise, Rach had left him a small gift on the bed. As Ben opened the card he came to realise it was a signed wedding gift from all the Manly Sea Eagles football team (his favourite team), wishing him a happy wedding day you could see Ben’s hands start to tremble as his eyes filled with tears of love & joy. To see all of that beautiful emotion it was a reminder to us all of just how thoughtful Rach is, and as per usual this one this moment got me a little teary. 

Moving on to the beautiful Bride to be Rachel was getting prepared for her big day at St Bernards, which has a absolutely breathtaking view of the entire Gold Coast surrounded by beautiful rambling gardens providing me with endless image opportunities. With their elegant Grande Marquee or better known as the stylish Rafters Room accomodating anywhere from 20 to 200 guests I was already excited for all of the amazing photos I was about to have the opportunity to capture. Also on this beautiful property there was an awe-inspiring cottage, with wide open windows and an amazing indoor setting this is where Rachel, Bec, Melissa & Natasha began the unforgettable voyage of getting the gorgeous bride ready, her hair & make up was looked flawless the girls from VIP Bridal Beauty (Tennille and Liv) did a great job. Her dress was equally beautiful supplied by Bohemian Brides Miami and flowers by Matamata Home Florist.

Again, emotions were running high with a few special moments taking place, for example the moment the girls & her father laid eyes Rachel in her stunning dress for the first time they were all lost for words. Then her two handsome little men Jimmy & Henry arrived,  it took little Henry a while to work out that the beautiful princess before him was his mother, as its not every day the little man gets to see his gorgeous mother looking like Cinderella. 

Racing up to set the tripod up in preparation for the ceremony which was styled by Beautiful Weddings Gold Coast Hinterland, a multiple award winning wedding styling company specialising in creating dream wedding ceremonies & receptions and they didn't disappoint as it was Beautiful. It was great to see a few familiar faces while I set up multiple camera angles covering each view of emotion as well as my professional audio straight from the celebrants PA it was time for action.

I believe it is of great importance to get quality audio especially in an outdoor wedding such as this, with the wind surrounding us you really need to ensure your getting the audio straight from the celebrants microphone. 

The ceremony itself was extremely touching to all who attended, as well as those who have taken the time to view the wedding video itself. Firstly you will see the wedding celebrant announcing Ben’s two beautiful little men coming down the isle, turning to Ben you could see how high the emotions were running. Overwhelmed with the happiness & love of this very special day Ben for a slight moment turned away and by this point I already had tears in my eyes, then down came the gorgeous bride to be. 

As I approached Rachel & her father I realised she was crying to the point where for a brief moment they had to stop for a second. Seeing, feeling & breathing in this pure emotion it was safe to say by this point I was sobbing myself. 

I am so so grateful to be apart of these special moments, being able to capture the raw emotion bride, groom & everyone surrounding feels so deeply is something I take the time to appreciate significantly. 

Once we were all settled the ceremony went well with a great mixture of emotion & laughter. The celebrant was Sarah May Alexander, Civil Marriage Celebrant, who as she always does did a amazing job, she really is dedicated and you can tell that she loves what she does.  

Moving onto the photos section we had a lot of fun together creating images and capturing those moment they will never forget. The bridal crew were getting really involved and I love to see that, makes for a much better end result and an all over happier experience. Jimmy & Henry were also full in action with beaming smiles and an over flow of excitement ready to get in both the wedding photos & videos. We went through all the gardens at St Bernard's with the bridal party, finishing up with just our newly weds referring back to those locations we found in the initial meeting I had with the couple prior to the wedding. 

Straight into the reception we started with the bridal parties entrances all being announced as each pair came through, followed by speeches and then of course the amazing food starting promptly after this. The speeches were very heartwarming for me, seeing my good mates Nick & Luke giving the speech of a lifetime as well as Ben’s mum Anette it was very touching for me as well as everyone else in the room. 

Getting onto the first dance we got started, wasn’t long before the two little rock stars took over the dance floor putting on a show with some wild moves learnt from none other then father Ben. The DJ and photo booth where both a big hit as they where playing some of Ben's classic favorites like red hot chilli peppers aswell as Rach's popular stuff. The photo booth was always full and was a big hit, The great part about that is that it was actually the same company that supplied both All Star.  

A massive thank you to Ben & Rach for allowing me the pleasure of being apart of their special day.  Also a big thank you to Timmy for sharing his unique skills & passion for being an awesome photographer on this day. Ben & Rach have decided to get a wedding album which we worked very closely on to tell there story for the day that will be passed on for many generations to come. Please feel free to comment & share! Would love to hear your thoughts. 

Rob Bampton 

Celebrant - Sarah May Alexander, Civil Marriage Celebrant, Qld
Hair/makeup - VIP Bridal Beauty (Tennille and Liv)
Venue - St Bernards Hotel
Wedding coordinator - Sharon ( St Bernards)
DJ/photo booth - All Star
Cake - Cakey Creations Cakes
Styling (ceremony and reception) - Beautiful Weddings Gold Coast Hinterland
Dresses - Bohemian Brides Miami
Flowers - Matamata Home Florist

Advancetown Wedding Photography/Video Gold Coast, Rhys & Abbey

We had such a great time shooting for Rhys and Abbey's wedding, that by the end of the night some of the crew was on a joking basis after the formalities were conducted. 

As we turned up to Rhys's house we were excited as today was a full day of both photo and video. Having only three goomsmen. The first thing we did was go outside and start an epic bucks night cards game that consisted of drinking and a few punches if chosen the wrong card. 

We pulled up a few blocks away from the ceremony to get some extra footage of the girls ,what I was avidly excited/surprised to see Abbey's wedding gown. As it clung to her body, the white lace elegantly collaborated with the pink underlay matching perfectly with her chosen bouquet of wild flowers. Here we got some great moving footage of the girls just joking around and being themselves, it was great to just get some natural emotion on camera, and boy it was amazing! because the girls weren't camera shy at all, which made great footage.

As we turned up at Advancetown in the hinterland of the Gold Coast, we were delighted to note that it was an outside ceremony, this makes for great lighting. It was a wide and open setting to which meant we had a lot of room to muck around with, even with all of Rhy's and Abbey's closest friends and family watching. With our tripod's set up and our groom audio'd up we were ready! 

Abbey turned up in the combi van, and watching Rhy's as she descended down the aisle after her beautiful bridesmaids wearing a shade of dark grey. It was here we got to learn a little more about the couple. and it's also one of our favourite parts of any day, the vows! We got a little teary even at the whole process, and all too soon it ended with a kiss and the signing of the offical documents. 

As the rest of the afternoon was setting out to be rainy with showers starting to sprinkle on consistently throughout the day, for the photo section we went to an array of different locations across the hinterland of the Gold Coast.  Our first area to play around in though was an open lake above a dam. This provided some amazing intimate shots of the couple with an amazing background showing the hues of purples and blue that a storm creates. 

We then started to travel back to the reception but not before stopping at another photo section where an we had a wide an open lake to get creative with, and the rain definitely didn't deter us from getting those killer shots of this awesome couple. 

The Markette was set up and everyone was in full swing of starting to the party, with a list of congratulations were being thrown around. This quickly escalated into a party game that kicked off the start of the reception. With a series of questions that the crowd had to start answering, this caused a few laughs to erupt from everyone. 

Justin & Soraya's Intercontinental Wedding Video

It was an exciting day ahead with j'adore getting to shoot another wedding at the Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove resort. having previously shot their multiple times over the span of the year, the crew was familiar with the venue and the space around the venue. 

Turning up at Justin's apartment where he was getting ready, the groomsmen were full in action, with a few beers being shared around, they got right into the action of things as Justin & his crew needed to catch their Helicopter to the Sanctuary Cove Chapel, and we didn't want to miss anything! He was very much a boys boy and was great to see that him and his mates where so close and had a obvious bond. It was also obvious how much he cares for Soraya and her wedding dream as when Rob arrived Justin had all the guys suits and accessories set out just like in some of the videos they had liked.

We only spent a short amount of time with the boys before, we needed to head off to Soraya and her girls, so the team of two on video for the whole day went down the road to this private house by the water, where Soraya was getting ready. We can't stress to our brides enough the importance of the placement of where she is getting ready. Soraya was nervous but the comfort of her bridal party and the girls kept her smiling and calm throughout the getting ready process. With a wide and open space, and the whole room coming through with natural lighting, Soraya did perfectly, the was outdone was her exquisite wedding gown and a train anyone would kill to have!!

When it was time to read the letters from both sides, it was amazing to see that both of them was a bit emotional, while reading there letter which is so great to see these are J'adore couples. This is the type of love we want to capture and the people we want to spend our days with as this show another different element and feel of true love.

It was time to set off to the ceremony and everything was coming together smoothly. Previously having a J'adore crew shooting at a previous wedding at the same ceremony earlier that day, I was confident in the day turning out to be pretty epic! The Wedding Co-ordinator David was amazing help, with the help of effectively being able to know where everything was, i was able to get everything set up before I had to head off and shoot Justin's 'movie' like entrance. I remember in the speeches the best man speaking about Justin loving a grand entrance; well nothing could have prepared me for such a awesome landing. With two helicopters landing down to the side of the chapel, I got some landscape shots of the groomsmen exiting the helicopter before going in for some more close up shots of Justin exiting his helicopter.

This made for some pretty amazing footage, and Justin definitely nailed his entrance, still  he was needing to face his soon to be bride and I couldn't wait to see the connection they both had when Justin saw her for the first time. He seemed to be getting a little more nervous as the minutes ticked by, and the whole feel of the venue was so excited to see their beautiful bride walk down the aisle. First Soraya's bridal crew turned up in their floor length pink bridesmaids gowns lining up to the side out of the crowds views.  Next Soraya was to turn up accompanied by her proud father. The emotions were flowing as the bridesmaids started to make their transition down the aisle.  Soraya was crying when she started to walk down the aisle and Justin wasn't much better, with the lip quivers and the tears gleaming in his eyes, you could tell these two were going to be a beautiful match.

The photos section was a lot of fun with the official stuff out of the road the whole bridal party relaxed and let there hair down. we got to have a bit of fun with the drone and the whole bridal crew, so we set them apart with a boy and girls trio getting them to dance around and just have a blast, soaking up today. Then we brought our couple together for some more intimate moments by the intercontinental fountain before heading of to the reception. Justin and Soraya came storming into their reception with Justin carrying Soraya bridal style.  Just when I thought that they had already laid their hair down and started having fun at the photos section I was surprised  to find they have a few levels left as the party started. Tt really was great to be a extended part of the bridal party and had a great night throughout the night, even after some convincing with Justin to have a drink when ending the night.

It really is guys like these that make our job so special, I sometimes feel that having shared these moments so closely with them will leave a bond for a long time to come and I look forward to sharing the next drinks with these amazing individuals.

To view the whole video from the day, click the link below to Peruse at your own leisure with scene selections giving you the ability to pick where you want to start and stop finish. By watching the long version Of Justin & Soraya's video on Mediazilla this gives everyone the chance to take a step into this amazing day.