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St Bernards Mt Tamborine Wedding Photo & Video - Mitchell + Ashlee

St Bernards Mt Tamborine Wedding Photo & Video - Mitchell + Ashlee

What only feels like just yesterday we did Mitch & Ashlee's engagement photoshoot, & now today we are shooting their wedding. Time has just flown by, through all the wedding preparation that Ashlee & her Mum did together they both have done an amazing job at planning & making this day a reality. 

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St Christopher’s Cathedral, Canberra - Wedding Video & Photography Marko & Jessica

We always love going back to Canberra for weddings getting to explore more of this beautiful state is always a pleasure & staying with the amazing parent of our first ever Canberra wedding Matt & Margarita who over the years have become like family to us to the point we actually call them Mum & Dad.

We arrived at the Boys nice & early ready to kick start this magical wedding. The boys helped Marko get into his suit with Dad close by to help by bringing out a bottle of Whisky he had been saving for this very moment, Marko's groomsmen where very happy & enjoyed the very expensive and smooth gift. As Mum comes in & starts fussing over her beautiful boy the family pull’s him outside to have a drink to congratulate him on his stunning soon to be bride.

When we arrived for the bride prep Jessica had picked the Barton Room at the Hyatt Hotel Canberra, she had chosen this location because of the amazing floor to ceiling windows to let in amazing natural light for us photographers. Which might I add is one of our favourite things! Now that’s what I call thoughtful, & just to top it off she even had a mannequin for her dress which made for some breath taking images. Jess didn't even mind when I went in and re decorated her room by moving all the furniture around & out of the way so we could make the most of everything this stunning room & dress had to offer.

St Christopher’s Cathedral was absolutely amazing, we have shot there before for Daniel and Angela's wedding & as I remember was just as perfect. As the ceremony went through all the traditions & readings the beautiful catholic ceremony rich with tradition & hymns ended, the church bells rang out as the couple left hand in hand filled by there bridal party & all their closest family & friends.

As the guest came up to the now Mr & Mrs Eskinja you could see in the faces of there nearest & dearest that they where so happy for this beautiful couple & there was a few cracks from the mother of the bride & groom for them to hurry up & start getting that baby making underway which as you could imagine made this blushing bride blush a little harder. 

For their photo section we had plenty of time, long enough in fact to take a much deserved lunch break for the bridal party & their high heal wearing feet. This also gave the newly wed couple time to let everything that just happened sink & appreciate this precious moment in time.

I have to admit what we did next was by far one of my favourite video moments of my career so far, getting to do the mannequin challenge in their beautiful room, Jessica & I had ideas of what we should do for this great new video faze that had come out & after talking it through with the others we put our ideas into action. I’ve added the video below I hope you like our little viral sensation.

Reception starts & the formality's kick in, food comes out and the speeches begin some amazingly funny, meaningful yet sweet words from their closest friends & family. To the point where a beautiful first dance by the newlyweds, the perfect way to kick start a night full of dancing & celebration for the wonderful couples love, starting of their first night at Mr & Mrs Eskinja.

I hope you liked my little blog of Marko & Jessica's Wedding, stay tuned for there video which will be up soon.

Jessica McGuiness 



Justin & Soraya's Intercontinental Wedding Video

It was an exciting day ahead with j'adore getting to shoot another wedding at the Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove resort. having previously shot their multiple times over the span of the year, the crew was familiar with the venue and the space around the venue. 

Turning up at Justin's apartment where he was getting ready, the groomsmen were full in action, with a few beers being shared around, they got right into the action of things as Justin & his crew needed to catch their Helicopter to the Sanctuary Cove Chapel, and we didn't want to miss anything! He was very much a boys boy and was great to see that him and his mates where so close and had a obvious bond. It was also obvious how much he cares for Soraya and her wedding dream as when Rob arrived Justin had all the guys suits and accessories set out just like in some of the videos they had liked.

We only spent a short amount of time with the boys before, we needed to head off to Soraya and her girls, so the team of two on video for the whole day went down the road to this private house by the water, where Soraya was getting ready. We can't stress to our brides enough the importance of the placement of where she is getting ready. Soraya was nervous but the comfort of her bridal party and the girls kept her smiling and calm throughout the getting ready process. With a wide and open space, and the whole room coming through with natural lighting, Soraya did perfectly, the was outdone was her exquisite wedding gown and a train anyone would kill to have!!

When it was time to read the letters from both sides, it was amazing to see that both of them was a bit emotional, while reading there letter which is so great to see these are J'adore couples. This is the type of love we want to capture and the people we want to spend our days with as this show another different element and feel of true love.

It was time to set off to the ceremony and everything was coming together smoothly. Previously having a J'adore crew shooting at a previous wedding at the same ceremony earlier that day, I was confident in the day turning out to be pretty epic! The Wedding Co-ordinator David was amazing help, with the help of effectively being able to know where everything was, i was able to get everything set up before I had to head off and shoot Justin's 'movie' like entrance. I remember in the speeches the best man speaking about Justin loving a grand entrance; well nothing could have prepared me for such a awesome landing. With two helicopters landing down to the side of the chapel, I got some landscape shots of the groomsmen exiting the helicopter before going in for some more close up shots of Justin exiting his helicopter.

This made for some pretty amazing footage, and Justin definitely nailed his entrance, still  he was needing to face his soon to be bride and I couldn't wait to see the connection they both had when Justin saw her for the first time. He seemed to be getting a little more nervous as the minutes ticked by, and the whole feel of the venue was so excited to see their beautiful bride walk down the aisle. First Soraya's bridal crew turned up in their floor length pink bridesmaids gowns lining up to the side out of the crowds views.  Next Soraya was to turn up accompanied by her proud father. The emotions were flowing as the bridesmaids started to make their transition down the aisle.  Soraya was crying when she started to walk down the aisle and Justin wasn't much better, with the lip quivers and the tears gleaming in his eyes, you could tell these two were going to be a beautiful match.

The photos section was a lot of fun with the official stuff out of the road the whole bridal party relaxed and let there hair down. we got to have a bit of fun with the drone and the whole bridal crew, so we set them apart with a boy and girls trio getting them to dance around and just have a blast, soaking up today. Then we brought our couple together for some more intimate moments by the intercontinental fountain before heading of to the reception. Justin and Soraya came storming into their reception with Justin carrying Soraya bridal style.  Just when I thought that they had already laid their hair down and started having fun at the photos section I was surprised  to find they have a few levels left as the party started. Tt really was great to be a extended part of the bridal party and had a great night throughout the night, even after some convincing with Justin to have a drink when ending the night.

It really is guys like these that make our job so special, I sometimes feel that having shared these moments so closely with them will leave a bond for a long time to come and I look forward to sharing the next drinks with these amazing individuals.

To view the whole video from the day, click the link below to Peruse at your own leisure with scene selections giving you the ability to pick where you want to start and stop finish. By watching the long version Of Justin & Soraya's video on Mediazilla this gives everyone the chance to take a step into this amazing day.