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Kangaroo Point Brisbane Wedding Photography - Shaun & Kimberly

Having meet with the couple a week or two prior to the wedding it was getting all very exciting as we spoke about some of the finer details. Being quite a laid back couple the meeting was easy going, which we love because we are such easy going people. Kim & Shaun having everything well organised it was now only a matter of time before the big day arrived. 

As we made our short journey from Gold Coast to Brisbane we had nothing but blue sky’s. Arriving at Dockside apartments we grabbed all of our gear and set off to the boys room. Only spending a short time here we were in & out quite quickly. 

Before long we were up at the girls and my goodness did they look stunning! Kim looking especially gorgeous on her big day I think just about everyone in the room was in ore of her, particularly her fasha. (father) for those of you who don't follow. Having her makeup and hair done by EEGO Styling she looked flawless!! Taking a short amount of time getting the detail shots, with stunning royal blue heels this finished the perfect look off with a BANG!

Once Kim was in her dress it was time for all 5 bridesmaids to begin the process of finalising those finishing touches, putting on a stunning belt with a gorgeous display of crystals centred on the front it made the dress from Luv Bridal look even more beautiful then before. Not to mention how well Kim wore it! After putting on the shoes it was time for some fun photos with the girls, and having 5 bridesmaids this made for some gorgeous photos, you could tell how much each of the girls mean to one another. Also having Kids little sister there as apart of the bridal party made it an experience for them both they will never forget. 

As the big moment got nearer it was time for us to head down in preparation for the girls arrival. Making our way down there was guests surrounding the ceremony patiently awaiting Kim’s presence, as Shaun stood there smiling awaiting the women of his dreams we got ready for the special moment. 

As each of the bridesmaids made their way down the aisle it wasn't long before it was Kim’s turn, with tears of joy she walked down to meet the man she was about to call her wedded husband. As the ceremony took place there was nothing but smiles and deep stares of love at one another. As Celebrant Kathy Dodd concluded the ceremony  every stood & cheered as they walked back down the aisle as Mr & Mrs Hunt. 

Getting into our fun part of the day, the photos section we went for a little walk on the path along the Brisbane River, getting a few cool group shots whilst we walked, by the seats and by the water this bridal party was a breeze to shoot not to mention a whole lot of fun! Now it was the for Bride & Groom, capturing some gorgeous sunset shots we often remind our couples that this is the moments they get to take in the fact that they are now Husband & Wife. Seeing them both soak up the moment was beautiful, making for some amazing images

Heading back to the venue we made our way around the tables taking shots of family & friends whilst they enjoyed the beautiful venue of The Landing Dockside. Following the meals it was time to get into the cutting of the cake shortly crafted by none other than Sugar Sister Cake Lab . After followed the speeches, which for us is always a good part of the day. Heading funny stories of childhood memories, & all the fun in-between… but this time we had a surprise speech from Shaun’s son Jameson, which was one of the most classic spur of the moment first liners I have ever heard, tops it all! Everyone was in stitches at this point wishing we had it on film. Priceless moments like this only come by here & there, heres hoping one of the guests was filming away. Too good to miss!!

Not to much longer after this it was time for us to pack up the gear & head on home. Giving our best wishes to both Shaun & Kim we made our short journey home. Cant wait to be sharing these photos with you all, we hope you enjoy them just as much as we enjoyed taking them!

From the team here at J’adore, we wish you nothing but all the very best for your marriage & your beautiful little family. May you receive all the happiness, love & joy in the world & much much more. 

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Hunt



Until next time, 


Isla Burkitt 


Sergeants Mess Wedding photography & Video Sydney, Scott & Dominique.

There's a certain love you find yourself embracing when you meet that right person in your life, as the love though continues to grow with a box full of memories, unexpected yet beautiful surprises occur in the name of Piper. 

We love coming across families in our industry, as you see the love practically glow on video & Photo throughout the whole day. It was our greatest pleasure to be apart of Scott & Dominique's special day in Sydney!

We started off at the grooms location at Pier One Sydney Harbour.  This was one of the best locations throughout Sydney as you're just steps away from world-famous landmarks, including the Sydney opera House and the historic Rocks District.  Scott adjourned a black and white suit. Right away it was really easy to converse with Scott and the four of his chosen groomsmen.  Scott then decided to mix things up just that little bit extra by hitching a ride across to the ceremony location via boat. 

Turning up at at the same location for Dominique's pre getting ready time, she was just getting her finishing touches. This elegantly styled apartment was perfectly ideal for the getting ready location as it provided amazing light that gave us a lot of leverage to get some more creative shots/video for the couple. As Dominique got her cream styled wedding gown on, it fitted her perfectly, and nothing better could have been added than to accentuate her bridal look with a glorious headpiece pinned with her long train and white bouquet of flowers.  One of our favourite moments though was when Dominique's father saw her for the first time though, these treasured memories are fast becoming a huge reason why we love our job, for moments like with Dom and her dad. 

Before Dominique went off to to Sergeants Mess Sydney, with breathtaking harbour views, and elegant intricacies of design this venue gives you absolute privacy whilst also opening up the Sydney coastal views for this outside venue.  The ceremony was a beautiful location, that had a certain special twist at the end with a balloon tying ceremony.

We then whisked the couple and bridal party off down the road to get some different jetty shots that incorporated the Sydney Harbour Bridge at night. It wasn't long though before the reception was fast approaching at the same location as the ceremony. 

This Sparkling waterfront location was completely lit up and done to perfection when we opened the doors to the ceremony, and the upbeat and fun nature of the guests and everyone around us didn't stop all night. From the heartfelt speech that Dominique's father produced to the comedic moments shared between Scott and Dom, there wasn't a moment we didn't want to capture with this wedding.