Mt Tamborine weddings

St Bernards Mt Tamborine Wedding Photo & Video - Mitchell + Ashlee

St Bernards Mt Tamborine Wedding Photo & Video - Mitchell + Ashlee

What only feels like just yesterday we did Mitch & Ashlee's engagement photoshoot, & now today we are shooting their wedding. Time has just flown by, through all the wedding preparation that Ashlee & her Mum did together they both have done an amazing job at planning & making this day a reality. 

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Mt Tamborine Pethers Rainforest Retreat Wedding Videography - Trent & Donay

 Mt Tamborine Pethers Rainforest Retreat Wedding Videography - Trent & Donay

Arriving at a beautiful property located in Mt Tamborine in which the boys were in preparation for Trent's big day. Typical boys rushing around finding this & that, mucking around as they progressed through the morning it was great to see them all having a good time together. With such a big bridal party it's hard not to have a great time! 

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Intimate Mount Tamborine Wedding Photography with Shane & Sarai

Intimate Mount Tamborine Wedding Photography with Shane & Sarai

Hi all Rob here,  spending the day with Shane & Sarai was a absolute pleasure. For the day it was just going to be a celebrant & a few friends for the ceremony as neither of them are from Australia & had planed to have a 2nd wedding in Mexico at some stage thus making it a much more intimate wedding day.

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Tamborine Gardens Wedding Photography & Video Mount Tamborine, Drew & Samantha

This be my first friends wedding I had shot, I was super excited!! Having known the couple & there two beautiful girls made this wedding one of my favourite of all time.

With one person on photo and the other on video going to each the bride an the groom, we were more than ready to stat our day.

When I turned up at the boys apartment at the Q1 resort, the beats were pumping, & I was excited to get right into action, with Sunny as my photographer we got right into the action. The apartment was massive, so this gave us a lot of room to work with, & we could try different places to showcase the wedding accessories & the dashing groomsmen. After Drew gave his groomsmen an thank you present we made our way up to the observatory deck of the q1, which made for some amazing photos & videos looking out over the one & only Gold Coast.

At the girls place 2 beautiful little flower girls named Summer & Pippa were dancing around there beautiful mum as she adored her stunning dress. Mum helping with the lace up back as her lovely brides maid puffed and fawned over the blushing bride.   

It was finally time to leave for the ceremony that was held at Tamborine Gardens, but not before the guys got there in their awesome convertible classic car hydraulics and all!

As I set up the camera's for the ceremony I couldn't help but notice but notice Drew's nervous emotions pacing back and forth, constantly fidgeting I go up and tell a few little tips I have found over the years to help calm the nerves so he can concentrate on his beautiful bride minutes away from walking down the isle. Sadly the tips couldn't stop the most natural reaction to seeing the love of your life walking down the isle in her wedding dress & that was tears and lots of them even though he tried to hold them back the video doesn't lie. ( Sorry Drew )

With such a beautiful venue we didn't need to travel off site Tambourine Gardens has it all & with some of our go to moves accompanied by some of Sam's Pinterest inspiration we didn't have any hesitation in jumping straight in and they certainly didn't make it hard for us the group was so fun dancing a playing around & making our job so easy. 

They all kept the energy up beat and flowing throughout the night as the girls in the bridal crew didn't stop dancing, as Sam, Drew & they're closest family & friends partied, drunk & danced the night away it couldn't have been a more perfect way to end the night. 

I thank you both for providing me the pleasure of being apart of this special day, I felt very privileged to play my part. 


By Jessica McGuiness


Cedar Creek Estate, Bryn and Sophie's - Gold Coast Wedding Videography

We were extremely lucky to not only get to be apart of a videography engagement shoot with Bryn & Sophie, but also being apart of their AMAZING wedding at Cedar Creek estate completed this wonderful experience for us here at J’adore. Also offering engagement photos & videos we believe this to be a great way to interact & get to know our clients better whilst forming a good bond before the big day. After previously doing a close friends wedding in 2016, we were very excited to see how our past couple was going on their new venture together as husband & wife while also getting to see some familiar faces. 

From the moment you enter the tree lined driveway, you’ll appreciate a charming winery in picturesque grounds in which we would describe as a perfect wedding venue. Cedar Creek Estate up at Mt Tamborine on the Gold Coast is where we first started our 6-hour escapade.  This was not before though, quickly turning up at the lovely Sophie's house to catch a few quick shots, that turned out absolutely beautiful! 

It really goes to show, that with the right equipment & a positive attitude going into this environment with only a few moments to spare you really can get some excellent quality footage. Especially with the right lighting, to which we had. 

As the wedding ceremony was held outdoors, we had the natural lighting to fool around with for the whole day, and this definitely played into a huge benefit for the whole team of us shooting. From sun flare, to getting to fool around with the exquisite colour scheme that the out door settings had to offer us. 

As it was a perfect day, we were also able to get the drone up and flying around, which resulted into some STELLA footage of both the beautiful couple as well as the breath taking venue. 

As the night was leading into the reception, the speeches delivered throughout the whole night were amazing, as their was a collaboration of both heartfelt moments, accompanied by quite a few humorous ones as well. What was even better was the killer bridesmaid’s speech that featured a parody containing her best friend Sophie's voyage meeting Bryn; this got everyone’s spirits amped up in preparation for the first dance.

We were treated to a sentimental song Bryn and Sophie chose for their first dance, Kodaline- Latch. As this song had a strong symbolic meaning to each other it was lovely to see them wrapped up in another's embrace singing to each other. 

By Natarlie Weller