Sheraton Mirage Wedding Video

Sheraton Grand Mirage Wedding Photo & Video - Jason + Amanda

Sheraton Grand Mirage Wedding Photo & Video - Jason + Amanda

Arriving at the Sheraton Grand Mirage at midday we found Jason & the groomsmen were in a light-filled suite overlooking the pools. Windows pulled back, music playing & Jason reading a card from his beautiful wife to be.

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Sheraton Grand Mirage Gold Coast Final Wedding Photo & Video of 2017

Sheraton Grand Mirage Gold Coast Final Wedding Photo & Video of 2017

As the year continued to fly it wasn't long before we arrived at our last wedding for 2017, and what a great wedding it was! There was raw emotion, love, passion & so many smiles what better way to end the year. 

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Sheraton Grand Mirage Gold Coast Wedding Photo & Video - Naill & Bryony

Sheraton Grand Mirage Gold Coast Wedding Photo & Video - Naill & Bryony

Meeting with Naill & Bryony a month or so prior to the wedding they seemed calm, collected and ready to go. Little did we know we were in for a great day! Bursting with personality throughout each moment you could tell just how perfect they were for one another. Not to mention their wonderful bridal party! 

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Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort Gold Coast Wedding Video - Prue & Jay

The Sheraton is one of our favourite wedding locations on the gold coast it has everything you need in 1 unique location on this specific day rain was in the air so we decided to take the ceremony inside still with the water in the background I cant think of many other venues with such a beautiful plan b.

Spending the day with Prue & Jay was a lot of fun and we love the special moments we have been able to capture. We created this video with the type of coupe they are they wanted a build up and then a burst of energy. 

We will let the video do the talking enjoy!!

Sheraton Marina Mirage Wedding photography with Michael & Olivia Foster


Being apart of a wedding company, we encounter all aspects of love, all different types of couples, with their own unique twists on what they want out of their day. Michael & Olivia was no different. 

 On the 23rd of April, J'adore was turning up at Chevron island on the Gold coast with our head creative director Rob and our co photographer Leanne, we knew we'd be in for a big day. As they booked our premium package, we turned up just in time to get some exceptional footage and shots. Both Michael and Olivia were close in locations as both had booked holidays houses for their stay before continuing their journey throughout the day to the Sheraton Marina Mirage, where both the ceremony and reception was being held. 

First turning up to Michael’s holiday house house, we were pleasantly greeted with music, a bunch of people sitting around slowly preparing themselves, and the infectious laughter of Michaels four girls. Adjourned with navy suits that complements the suspenders  perfectly, Michaels smile was infections. The lighting in the main bedroom was perfect while the backdrop of the mirrors gave our team the advantage of slipping in some of our more creative techniques. With the three of Michael’s groomsmen helping him get ready, we were gone before we knew it heading off to our next location, his bride top be Olivia. 

A five minute journey away from Michaels house, we knew our bride to be was ecstatic, as we saw her counting down the days on Facebook, the team was excited to finally be apart of her grand day. Turning up at their doorstep packed fully with our camera's and gimbal (Videography material )We were greeted by Olivia’s flamboyant and exuberant family. With her make up and hair finished along side with her two best friends and little sister, she was glowing. Quickly setting up, our photographer  started snapping away. Whilst we looked at the main bedroom, We decided to change the look around a little, taking off framed portraits and clutter, leaving a bare backdrop perfect for starting Olivia’s video. With a keen eye for detail in mind, we went straight to Olivia’s accessories. Next we were on to the topic of where to put olivia’s strapless gown. We are always aiming to find the best lighting in any location for our clients, no matter the trouble, as we are determined to perfect the images/videography, this was shown through our constant shifting our the bridesmaids gowns.

Following that, Olivia came out of the bathroom, looking exquisite, with her platinum blonde hair curled gently around her face and pined to the side, her blue eyes glittered, reeling at what was to come in the next few hours. With an incrusted Diamante band wrapping around the waist, olivia’s lace dress fitted her figure perfectly. Adjourning the look, the bridesmaids dresses were a deep navy complimenting the different hues of purple for the bouquets. 

The ceremony was held at the Sheraton Marina mirage, and as the bag pipes started to play, it was queue for Olivia to start making her journey down the aisle and towards the Lagoon section located outside. The Mirage perfectly catered to the outside themed look as white flowers were centred down the middle of the aisle. At the front where Michael was waiting, white curtains were draped to the side. Throughout the ceremony our team was spot on. having two photographers and two videographers there to capture the moment, made sure that any unforeseen circumstances could be dealt with accordingly. 

The photo section was a bit of an adventure in itself like always as we roamed all over the Sheraton. While not wanting to go far away for family photos. We moved the white sets with ribbon tied around to the side after the ceremony. 

Next we took the couple to the beach outside. With such an easy access to all of the ammenities, it was incredibly easy for our team to get in touch with our creative side while encountering the natural elements ( Wind, Sun). Ironically it was perfect timing, as the sky lit up above us, our photographer Leanne decided to get a bit more creative using some lighting techniques to shadow the couple. 

Ironically it was perfect timing, as the sky lit up above us, our photographers with J'adore for the day Leanne & Emily decided to get a bit more creative, using some lighting techniques to highlight the couple by using shadows.  She then swapped using a flash, using a different creative method perfect for any wedding album.

Forwarding ourselves to the the reception. The Mirage set the whole venue up perfectly. Starting from the glass seating arrangements easily accessible to all guests. Upon entering the two glass doors, the purple ambience was all around, creating an intimate and personal touch.

From the start to the finish of the night, everything ran smoothly for the couple and their bridal party. From Olivia’s sisters heartfelt speech where Michael stood next to her side, to the mother of the bride pulling out the big guns, literally with Superman underwear, it was a heartfelt day with many pleasant surprises within the Mirage. 

We hope we could have made their day as spectacular as it was for us to be apart of.

Written by Natarlie Weller