Wedding Video Intercontinental Gold Coast

2019 Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove World Of Weddings

2019 Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove World Of Weddings

The Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove is one of our FAVOURITE venues on the Gold Coast. It has so much to offer as a wedding venue and the locations for photographs are endless. So it makes sense that their Wedding Showcase is one of the busiest open days for us in the year.  

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Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Wedding Photo & Video - Harry + Jess

Starting any day by walking into the Intercontinental where the sun is shining, the breeze is flowing.. in our mind is a great day coming our way! Today was especially important, as today was the day Harry & Jess became husband & wife.

Starting with the groom & groomsmen, they all seemed to be having a great time together. There is something so special about spending the morning before you get married with some of your best mates & family. Such a beautiful bonding experience!

Moving along, arriving to the lovely ladies 5 minutes walk from Harry we got straight into it. jess has previously sent through some inspo images of what she was wanting to capture on this special day, keeping this in mind the entire time this is always a great way to see exactly what your couples want & being able to give that to them is what we love!

By the time Jess was in her dress from White Lily Couture, she looked STUNNING! As did her wonderful bridesmaids, this dress in-particular dress suited Jess perfectly.

Before we knew it, it was time to head down to the Intercon Chapel, which as you will see below.. is breathtakingly amazing. Harry & Jess’s ceremony carried on with heart felt vows & a life long memory of commitment & love for one another.

Moving along into the Intercontinental wedding photography session is was time to have some fun! We love to make things as interactive as possible, by playing games to get them all moving and having fun. We took some beautiful images in the chapel, followed by taking a stroll around the intercontinental grounds. With such a wonderful venue, it’s not hard to find some great little spots.

As the afternoon sunlight was dwindling away, we wrapped the wedding photography session up & made our way over to the Grange. Getting in before all of the guests we did a quick run around and took some images of what Style On Q had created for them. As usual, it was gorgeous.

Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Wedding Photo & Video Vera Wang Wedding Dress

Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Wedding Photo & Video Vera Wang Wedding Dress

I must admit when I opened the dress garment bag to hang up for it's photo but jaw nearly hit the ground with a stunning Vera Wang dress and the most perfect shoes to match it was enough to make any girl want to be this bride princess for a day. The only thing that could possible make the dress better was the stunning bride herself in it.

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Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Gold Coast Wedding Photo & Video - Nick & Greer

Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Gold Coast Wedding Photo & Video - Nick & Greer

When I walked in the door at Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove into nicks room I had already started copping slack about my driving and I knew this was going to be my kind of wedding, I got along with this group from the get go and as soon as they knew I could dish it as well as they could they knew they had picked the right girl to shoot their wedding.

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Sanctuary Cove Intercontinental Wedding Open Day 2017

Last weekend we had the pleasure of being apart of Intercontinental, Sanctuary Cove open day, filled with many wonderful vendors it was a great chance to display our favourite wedding videos & images to all who attended. Whilst also creating a good opportunity to meet new vendors or catch up with a few we had already worked alongside. 

Doing both photo & video for the Intercontinental for this special event it wasn't long after setting up before I started wondering around taking photos of all the vendors involved. Listed below you will see vendors covering all area, from celebrants to cake designers, event stylists, dress designers and much much more it was a great day!! all below you will find additional images & short video of the day

With yummy canapés going around, champagne & happy vendors the excitement for all who are about to get married was beautiful to see. Chatting with couples & families as they would walk past, asking them about how they meet & hearing all the stories always puts a smile on my face. Discussing the exciting aspects of the wedding I was excited for them! 

Wishes Events putting on quite the gorgeous set up of floral hoops by the stage runway was just beautiful, not to mention the upstairs room they had decorated with two different styles. Both absolutely amazing! 

With vendors such as Holly Rose Couture here we were lucky enough to get a little fashion show from her latest & greatest. Which were just stunning, I know who I'll be going to for my wedding gown!! The girls on stage did an amazing job!! There wasn't a vendor or guest there that didn't have all eyes on stage. 

Shortly after this we were back by the stall conversing with newly engaged couple having a great time just chatting away, Rob loves a good conversation so he was in his element & loving it!

Before long it was time for us all to pack up shop & head home for the day, for us we couldn't wait to get home, upload the footage and get right into it! We look forward to sharing this with you & we hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it. 

Thank you to the Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove for having us be apart of this big special day, we look forward to working alongside you in the near future. 


Untill next time, 

Isla burkitt