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RACV Royal Pines Wedding Photo & Video - Matt + Kerry

RACV Royal Pines Wedding Photo & Video - Matt + Kerry

One thing I love most about being a wedding photography is Yes, of course, the creative & fun side.. but also the fact that we get to meet some awesome people! People we can just gel with so easily, have a good laugh & create some awesome memories for them. 

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Braeside,Wedding Photography/video Gold Coast, Matthew & Jenna

Matthew & Jenna first met when they were working together, with him being her boss.  Jenna had taking quite a liking to Matthew when they first met at the pub, with her persistence she won over Matthew. And still he's incredibly amazed that he gets to have Jenna as his wife. 

When one of our crew members turned up at Jenna's pre getting ready place, she had her two bridesmaids and mother surrounding her with a few laughs. With a deep dark red lipstick and a dress Jenna's mother made for her; the white lace meshed effortlessly with the pink undercoat to which we rarely see!! This sleeveless dress looked exquisite on Jenna with her hair done up and curled to the side, she truly looked like a dream. Accompanying her look was the two bridesmaids of her choosing who to which wore dark maroon floor length gowns with white trimming. 

Before it was time to put on the assemble of clothes first Jenna had given Matthew an entourage of gifts accompanied with a letter. It was truly a beautiful moment, as Matthew claimed he wasn't even through the first paragraph before he started to wipe tears away from his eyes. What made the gifts even more personable was the little notes attached to each seperate gift she had given him for the day. From a pair of sunnies, to the expensive watch, Matthew was over joyed. Matthew adjourned his dark blue suit with a dark red tie and a matching hanky chief  accompanying his look.  Matthew had two of his groomsmen apart of his morning ritual, to which involved a selection of gifts and Matthews dad never failing to get a laugh or two from us.  

when it was time to turn up at the ceremony, We couldn't wait to see how Matthew would react when he saw Jenna for the first time, this is always one of our favourite bits about the day, the groom getting to see his future bride. 

The ceremony was small yet filled with soo much love inside the chapel. One of the favourite bits from the ceremony was the little small words Matthew said to Jenna in French, that small yet thoughtful gesture was beautiful. 

The photo section was filled with all of us playing outdoors, with Braeside having a wide and open venue, featuring swings, courtyards and the quirky life size chess game. With all of these small locations taking into effect, we were left spoilt with our choice of where to go with both photo and video. 

One of the massive surprises that contributed to the day, was the extreme hard work Jenna's parents put into surprising her for the reception of the year!! Yes it WAS  Harry Potter themed.  Starting from the very doorway, their was a quirky sign with each guest needing to look at the the houses and table/classes they were to be assigned to. With each table having it's own class and small trinkets  centred around the middle, what made the gesture even more sentimental was the hard work Jenna's father put into carving the centre pieces around all of the reception tables.

Seeing Jenna's reaction as she walked through was amazing, she couldn't contain herself, and you couldn't fault her on that behalf. Planning a wedding in general is extremely taxing, with every detail needing to be precisely worked out, this beautiful gesture, was something I hope to see MORE of within working at weddings.  

As the reception started to kick into action, their were numerous guests wanting to grab a photo with the bride and groom before everyone all ventured inside for the speeches and entree/dinner. We had an excellent selection of speeches made by the few chosen people Matt & Jenna wanted to speak at their wedding. 

Throughout the rest of the wedding at night, it was spent with everyone sharing a few drinks and laughing along. The old classic songs came on over the dj system and with everyone knowing all of the words to to those certain old songs, this made for some great footage. 




The intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Wedding Venue.

The Intercontinental Sanctuary Resort is situated perfectly right outside the main touristy parts of the Gold Coast. Located a short distance from tourist mecca with a short drive to the heart of Surfers Paradise, the resort is tucked within the beautiful surroundings of Sanctuary Cove, ideal for a glamorous/rustic or beach wedding in Australia. 

We've had the pleasure of shooting both photography and videography all around the Intercontinental resort, and each wedding has been completely different to the other, with a wide range of bridal parties that all had power house personalities & this amazing feel of love that each individual couple had. 

One of our most recent shoots at Sanctuary Cove happened on the same day! With both a limousine entrance and then a helicopter turning up after, we have been exceptionally spoilt for choice.

The very first time we shot at Sanctuary Cove was Russ and Tiaree's wedding, and I still can't get over the beautiful moment when one of our videographers came the front of the glass chapel to find Tiaree's father waiting patiently, he had this glowing smile that still gets us all gooey. 

The photo section around The intercontinental is spectacular with an array of locations all around the venue. Most of our group shots are either done in the chapel with the natural lighting playing into our favour, or right out the front with the high glass walls as our background. 

Let's not forget to mention the drone is PERFECT for this venue. With an open and wide enough space to travel around the place we are always able to get new and different shots with our couples. 

Our favourite section is the reflection pool, where we are always coming up with new, effective and creative ways to bring out the love around this area. One of our favourite moments is when Daniel, walks towards Karlee, picks her up and gently leans in to kiss her. With the reflection pool and the afternoon working in our favour, we were able to set up the perfect shot. 

Along the steps right beside the european looking fountain, the position there is perfect for all group shots, with an etherial look to it.

Message the intercontinental today to get your quote and book this AMAZING venue!! It's a must have for your ceremony/reception AND accomodation, and why not make it easier on yourself for the big day? It's already stressful enough making sure everything is running smoothly and effectively, imagine how potentially effortless your big day could be with just a little bit of help.

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