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Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Wedding Photo - Charles + Alicia

Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Wedding Photo - Charles + Alicia

This time we were coming back to our second home to shoot the wonderful wedding of Charles & Alicia. & what a brilliant day to be doing so. I had such a great time getting to know these two throughout the course of the day. From shooting both bride & Groom preparation all the way to their reception by the lagoon.

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Bilinga Surf Club & Elephant Rock Wedding Photo & Video - Mohab & Melinda

Bilinga Surf Club &  Elephant Rock Wedding Photo & Video - Mohab & Melinda

It wasn't so long ago now that we had the pleasure of being apart of Mohab & Melinda's very special day. Being selected for something so important and significant we feel very privileged to provide life long memories for such wonderful people. The love & passion we have for what we do is enormous and we truly hope this shines through our work with each and every one of our amazing couples. 

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Canberra Wedding Photo & Video St Raphael's Catholic Church & Southern Cross Club Woden - David & Sonja

Canberra Wedding Photo & Video St Raphael's Catholic Church & Southern Cross Club Woden - David & Sonja

One of the many benefits to being a wedding photographer is the experiences you have. You meet so many amazing people and go to so many beautiful places as well as the cultural experiences we have becoming apart of the family for the day is just something else. 

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Reece & Rhiannon Palmer Gold Coast.

Having gone to Reece & Rhiannon's wedding rehearsal early in the week, the J'adore team was more than keen to get stuck right in the action of things.  Their little love story first began with Reece's story and his journey to find god and therefore his bride later on. It started off in the most unlikeliest of all places, it's a beautiful moment when something changes your whole perceptions and views on the world, whether intentional or not. Reece changing his lifestyle as he allowed God to come into his world, eventually led him to Rhiannon, the love of his life. Like the beautiful fairytale, Reece met hit Bride  at Metro church, as they both have been going there for quite a considerable amount of time, you could almost say it's like their second home. 

When we turned up Rhiannon place, where she was getting ready with her chosen bridesmaids, she adjourned her bridal crews look with floor length light blue brides maids gowns and their hair slightly curled to the side and done up.  We got right into the action of things, setting up both photo and video, as it was crunch time and the limo was leaving soon to go to the ceremony. 

The ceremony was starting, with the music starting to play, and the gear was quickly set up with the groomsmen being lapelled to get the perfect audio, the ceremony was taking place at Palmer Gold Coast.  If you're looking for the perfect romantic outdoor wedding venue, than look no further than Palmer Gold Coast's spectacular Sandstone love heart.  Complete with an arch and a perfect photographic atmosphere for your special day with was perfect for us and video terms for the ceremony, as we had soo much space. 

The boys prayed before the girls got there by thanking god for such an amazing day, by then the priest by the name of John Mac Donald whomhad showed up with both a monologue seeking both from traditional senses and more modern. 

When Rhiannon came walking down the aisle she was a sight to behold, with her vintage gown swaying around the flats she accessorised with her look. After the formalities were conducted, we all took the bridal crew around the gold course area, looking over the whole site for the best photo/video! Eventually we separated the bridal party. It was a massive bridal party consisting of 10 of Reece & Rhiannon's closest friends, what was even better was they were a fun group to be around. This made the job for video a lot easier as we require live action footage. You could always count on the best man to be cracking a few jokes or two in the corner, and his speech lived up to expectations. 

By dividing the crew and Reece & Rhiannon apart as we wanted to get some more close up and intimate shots of the couple, but wanted some killer bridal crew shots as well! Throughout the bit of time we had, the bridal party kept the energy up and full swinging with the bend and snap coming out to play throughout the photo section.

By the time it was almost time to head back into the reception, we took the couple aside once more  to get some Dusk shots before they had to enter the reception, still even the few minutes away from their friends didn't stop the energy buzzing as when it came time to enter the reception the emotions were up and running with the speeches!

Between crying and laughing, we couldn't seem to keep up, Reece & Rhiannon's speeches were both tasteful and hilarious with a few tears escaping when the girls got up on stage to share a few heartfelt memories. The boys brought it back home though by keeping everyone up with a few laughs and jokes about the past.  

You could tell Reece adored Rhiannon, watching back at the footage of the couple, especially as Rhiannon descended down the stairs, his eyes welled up with tears, and this raw feel of emotion is amazing for videography terms, as it captures as pure moment.

RACV Royal Pines Wedding Venue.

We've been lucky enough to score a few weddings at this amazing location. Not only does it provide both a ceremony and reception venue, but it also caters to a wide range of locations for the photo section.

For your big wedding day, you want to be close by for the ceremony, as every bride never wants to be late on their wedding day. Because of this 5 minute walk from the resort it's PERFECT! and who wouldn't want to stay in the heart of the Gold Coast looking over a variety of sceneries ranging between mountain top views, coastal, and parklands views. 

Nestled into the lush landscape is the resorts weddings chapel.  Complete from Australian/Italian timber and marble floors, stained glass windows that reflects natural light, this  romantic ceremony comfortable seats 100 guests. What's even better is the places to put our camera's for the ceremony. It's always a difficult decision deciding where to put the tripods as we always run the risk of any parties moving out of the shot; but with four tripods set up around the foyer, this chapel creates an effectively beautiful wedding video in the making already. 

There are a variety of picturesque area's surrounding RACV Royal Pines resort. whether you're wanting a candid creation or something more creative, the elements we get to surround ourselves with at the Royal Pines resort will always test our skills. 

If you're wanting to add something a little extra to the special night, the venue provides a couple of options in regards to a lavish or sentimental wedding cake.  Additional themed accessories can be provided at the reception if the LOVE bold sign is something of your taste, one of the more popular choices is the wishing well that can come in different objects.