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Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Wedding Photo & Video - Harry + Jess

Starting any day by walking into the Intercontinental where the sun is shining, the breeze is flowing.. in our mind is a great day coming our way! Today was especially important, as today was the day Harry & Jess became husband & wife.

Starting with the groom & groomsmen, they all seemed to be having a great time together. There is something so special about spending the morning before you get married with some of your best mates & family. Such a beautiful bonding experience!

Moving along, arriving to the lovely ladies 5 minutes walk from Harry we got straight into it. jess has previously sent through some inspo images of what she was wanting to capture on this special day, keeping this in mind the entire time this is always a great way to see exactly what your couples want & being able to give that to them is what we love!

By the time Jess was in her dress from White Lily Couture, she looked STUNNING! As did her wonderful bridesmaids, this dress in-particular dress suited Jess perfectly.

Before we knew it, it was time to head down to the Intercon Chapel, which as you will see below.. is breathtakingly amazing. Harry & Jess’s ceremony carried on with heart felt vows & a life long memory of commitment & love for one another.

Moving along into the Intercontinental wedding photography session is was time to have some fun! We love to make things as interactive as possible, by playing games to get them all moving and having fun. We took some beautiful images in the chapel, followed by taking a stroll around the intercontinental grounds. With such a wonderful venue, it’s not hard to find some great little spots.

As the afternoon sunlight was dwindling away, we wrapped the wedding photography session up & made our way over to the Grange. Getting in before all of the guests we did a quick run around and took some images of what Style On Q had created for them. As usual, it was gorgeous.

Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Wedding Photo & Video - Robert + Sue

Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Wedding Photo & Video - Robert + Sue

Wedding at The Intercontinental are always nothing short of spectacular. That chapel is so iconic just about everyone in the industry knows about it.

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RACV Royal Pines Wedding Photo & Video - Matt + Kerry

RACV Royal Pines Wedding Photo & Video - Matt + Kerry

One thing I love most about being a wedding photography is Yes, of course, the creative & fun side.. but also the fact that we get to meet some awesome people! People we can just gel with so easily, have a good laugh & create some awesome memories for them. 

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Canberra Wedding Photo & Video St Raphael's Catholic Church & Southern Cross Club Woden - David & Sonja

Canberra Wedding Photo & Video St Raphael's Catholic Church & Southern Cross Club Woden - David & Sonja

One of the many benefits to being a wedding photographer is the experiences you have. You meet so many amazing people and go to so many beautiful places as well as the cultural experiences we have becoming apart of the family for the day is just something else. 

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Advancetown Wedding Photography/Video Gold Coast, Rhys & Abbey

We had such a great time shooting for Rhys and Abbey's wedding, that by the end of the night some of the crew was on a joking basis after the formalities were conducted. 

As we turned up to Rhys's house we were excited as today was a full day of both photo and video. Having only three goomsmen. The first thing we did was go outside and start an epic bucks night cards game that consisted of drinking and a few punches if chosen the wrong card. 

We pulled up a few blocks away from the ceremony to get some extra footage of the girls ,what I was avidly excited/surprised to see Abbey's wedding gown. As it clung to her body, the white lace elegantly collaborated with the pink underlay matching perfectly with her chosen bouquet of wild flowers. Here we got some great moving footage of the girls just joking around and being themselves, it was great to just get some natural emotion on camera, and boy it was amazing! because the girls weren't camera shy at all, which made great footage.

As we turned up at Advancetown in the hinterland of the Gold Coast, we were delighted to note that it was an outside ceremony, this makes for great lighting. It was a wide and open setting to which meant we had a lot of room to muck around with, even with all of Rhy's and Abbey's closest friends and family watching. With our tripod's set up and our groom audio'd up we were ready! 

Abbey turned up in the combi van, and watching Rhy's as she descended down the aisle after her beautiful bridesmaids wearing a shade of dark grey. It was here we got to learn a little more about the couple. and it's also one of our favourite parts of any day, the vows! We got a little teary even at the whole process, and all too soon it ended with a kiss and the signing of the offical documents. 

As the rest of the afternoon was setting out to be rainy with showers starting to sprinkle on consistently throughout the day, for the photo section we went to an array of different locations across the hinterland of the Gold Coast.  Our first area to play around in though was an open lake above a dam. This provided some amazing intimate shots of the couple with an amazing background showing the hues of purples and blue that a storm creates. 

We then started to travel back to the reception but not before stopping at another photo section where an we had a wide an open lake to get creative with, and the rain definitely didn't deter us from getting those killer shots of this awesome couple. 

The Markette was set up and everyone was in full swing of starting to the party, with a list of congratulations were being thrown around. This quickly escalated into a party game that kicked off the start of the reception. With a series of questions that the crowd had to start answering, this caused a few laughs to erupt from everyone.