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RACV Royal Pines Gold Coast Wedding Photo & Video - Mitch & Bonnie

Meeting with these two a short while before the wedding you could just tell they were easy going, down to earth, lovely people. The first initial meet went quite well, we all got along great & in the blink of an eye it was they're wedding day. 

Making our way to one of our most visited wedding venues, RACV Royal Pines we were eager to get into the action. Starting with Bonnie & the girls i think its safe to say for the first time in her life she was nervous. & apparently for Bonnie this is a big deal, so we knew we were in for a great day. With the emotions running high, we could see she just couldn't wait to marry the man of her dreams. 

& might I just add she was looking just gorgeous, having her makeup done by Abby  hair by one of her talented bridesmaids Kelly Coleman with a beautiful head piece to finish it off words couldn't explain. It was definitely her day and she looked nothing short of a princess.

Making our short way over to the boys who were just down the hall, it was no different. Mitch just couldn't wipe the smile off of his face. Just the way we like it!! Getting some quick shots of his preparation it wasn't long before we needed to start our journey down to the chapel.

Originally it was supposed to be an outdoor ceremony, but with the weather as it was this made it a little difficult. Luckily we had the great team from RACV & W Events to save the day with a gorgeous indoors set up. Featuring a big wooden arbor covered in some beautiful floral the set up was still amazing non the less. 

In no time at all, Bonnie was walking through the doors with her father by her side & all eyes on her. As she made her way down the aisle there were tears, smiles and nothing but love flowing her way. Having the celebrant being the infamous Shane Vincent the ceremony was full of laughs. Thus being our first time working with Shane we enjoyed it just as much as everyone else. 

Before long, the vows had been said, the rings had been placed on one another fingers & they were named man & wife. Nothing could bring these two down, not even a little bit of bad weather. 

Walking out of the ceremony we moved straight into family photos, followed by the photos section. Which i think its safe to say all parties loved! we had a special visit from their fury baby Sonny who was just GORGEOUS! Getting Sonny  in the photos was just perfect, a sweet little family portrait for both Bonnie & Mitch to treasure forever. 

After e finished the photos section it was time for the reception, coming straight into the first dance yet again there was nothing but smiles and love filing the room. Moving beautifully around the room to the sweet sound of Chris Hutchison it was definitely a moment to remember! 

Moving onto the speeches they were kept short & sweet, although Dad’s speech was very special as they always are. Listening to the love he shares for his daughter Bonnie was pure love, one of my favourite parts is hearing the speeches. Out comes all of the heartfelt beautiful words of wisdom, love & appreciation. 

It was now time for us to head off shortly after speeches had completed, saying our goodbyes we wishes Mitch & Bonnie the very best!! Cant wait to get them into the studio to show them their wedding gallery, album design and wedding video!! :D 

Sanctuary Cove Intercontinental Wedding Open Day 2017

Last weekend we had the pleasure of being apart of Intercontinental, Sanctuary Cove open day, filled with many wonderful vendors it was a great chance to display our favourite wedding videos & images to all who attended. Whilst also creating a good opportunity to meet new vendors or catch up with a few we had already worked alongside. 

Doing both photo & video for the Intercontinental for this special event it wasn't long after setting up before I started wondering around taking photos of all the vendors involved. Listed below you will see vendors covering all area, from celebrants to cake designers, event stylists, dress designers and much much more it was a great day!! all below you will find additional images & short video of the day

With yummy canapés going around, champagne & happy vendors the excitement for all who are about to get married was beautiful to see. Chatting with couples & families as they would walk past, asking them about how they meet & hearing all the stories always puts a smile on my face. Discussing the exciting aspects of the wedding I was excited for them! 

Wishes Events putting on quite the gorgeous set up of floral hoops by the stage runway was just beautiful, not to mention the upstairs room they had decorated with two different styles. Both absolutely amazing! 

With vendors such as Holly Rose Couture here we were lucky enough to get a little fashion show from her latest & greatest. Which were just stunning, I know who I'll be going to for my wedding gown!! The girls on stage did an amazing job!! There wasn't a vendor or guest there that didn't have all eyes on stage. 

Shortly after this we were back by the stall conversing with newly engaged couple having a great time just chatting away, Rob loves a good conversation so he was in his element & loving it!

Before long it was time for us all to pack up shop & head home for the day, for us we couldn't wait to get home, upload the footage and get right into it! We look forward to sharing this with you & we hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it. 

Thank you to the Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove for having us be apart of this big special day, we look forward to working alongside you in the near future. 


Untill next time, 

Isla burkitt

Seaworld Styled Corporate Event Photography - Wishes Events

Not so long ago now we had the pleasure of shooting a magnificent underwater themed corporate occasion at SeaWorld, styled by Wishes events. As soon as we had arrived the team was well on their way to accomplishing an amazing set up, as per usual their work is effortlessly creative. Setting up the cameras we got also got to work, snapping away as the underwater world magic unfolded In front of us. 

As you will see in the images below they had beautiful multiple sized white jellyfish hanging from the ceiling, with coloured lights inside they looked awesome. Jellyfish hats hanging off of each chair also added to the SeaWorld feel they had aimed & achieved creating. 

Whilst also having the background noises of the seals you really did feel like you were right beside the ocean, it was a unique experience I as a photographer thoroughly enjoy. The diversity my occupation brings me never fails to disappoint. 

Not long after they had completed the table set up the crew moved onto the ships decor, which might I add turned out looking amazing. This team really does go above & beyond to create the perfect event. shortly after they had finished the ship I had the pleasure of going on the scissor lift to shoot from above, showing a birds eye view of the gorgeous setup. 

After a few team shots in front of the ship & the event set up it was then time to leave & let the guests enjoy the underwater world they had just created. By this point it was also time for us to leave as well. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog, we appreciate each & every comment we receive so please do feel free!


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Isla Burkitt