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Beautiful Customs House Wedding Video - Cathedral of St Stephen, Brisbane

Beautiful Customs House Wedding Video - Cathedral of St Stephen, Brisbane

Choosing my favourite part form a wedding day is never easy, but with Andrew & Natasha there were a few that stood out. Here are 3 of my absolute favourites! 

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Andrew & Emma's Redcliffe Wedding.

On the 23rd of July, the team at J'adore was booked, with two weddings going on at once in different place, we split up ready to take on the day. 

Rob and I were excited to be shooting in Red cliff, with the amazing views at our fingertips, it was a blessing that on this day the sun was and weather was playing in our favour compared to the last week her on the Gold coast being freezing! 

With the elements playing to our advantage and a full day photography package we turned up at Emma's family house. And Boy were we surprised to note that she was already getting on her wedding gown. As we never had, had a bride getting ready early before, we rushed in to discover Emma beaming and fall of smiles and excitement. Complete with creams and a pink head piece that matched her bouquet, I couldn't stop commenting on how her curled black hair twisted delicately up into the head piece.  With her best friend and sister by her side, there was no doubt that the day would turn perfectly! Emma chose  neutral floor length dresses for both of her bridesmaids, complete with a variety of pink roses to form their bouquet. 

Because of Emma's excitement with getting ready early, we were able to capture everything and more complete with a few portrait shots right at the end before we decided to take the extra time to go to Andrews apartments and take a few snaps. Andrew was smiling. The whole day, and the infectious smiles and laughter had us going right up until we had to depart them. 

As we turned up at the ceremony quickly as it was a five minute journey away from Andrews apartment, we realised that both the ceremony and reception would be held at The Golden Ox Restaurant  . The wedding ceremony was held in the gardens outside. With waterfalls cascading down in the background as you take your first steps over Monet's bridge and find yourself walking along the red carpet the leads to an open pavilion where the the formalities take place. As the rest of the guests began circling into the venue, we were keen to take snaps of every individual, to put in the memory bank for both Andrew & Emma. 

We only had a short amount of time to do the photos between the ceremony ending the the reception starting, so with Andrew & Emma's bridal party in the limo, we raced off down to the historical Redcliffe Jetty. Since being constructed in the early 1800s this historical place was perfect to get some creative snaps of everyone right before it was dark. 

One of the benefits like I always say in the blogs is when we have our PINTRIST BRIDES!!! it's great when both parties feel like the day is living up to its fullest potential. With Emma already sending Rob a few of the images she wanted before hand, we were easily able to set up the flash lights and take a variety of different shots held on the Jetty.

Turning back up at The Golden Ox Restaurant, we were led to the GRANDE Room that can comfortably hold over 100 guests. Everything was done to perfection.  With am inflatable Love sign draped above the bridal party table, the rest of the venue opened up to long tables leading to an open ballroom floor. What made this venue even more unique was the layer of mirrors held in a corner, this got both of us excited, as this was another way for us to test how creative we could get for Andrew and Emma's images.

When we go to a wedding, it's more than just taking the photos, and video's for the clients, as we are apart of one of the happiest day of their lives, we want to make it just as enjoyable. From our quirky colour game on the jetty to the unfortunate headless bride we want to make sure they remember all of the best moments of their day.  Both Emma and Andrew are going to live a brilliant life, sometimes you just know it with clients, from the way they look at each other, to the words of great praise friends and family.  

By Natarlie