Brisbane Wedding - The Greek Club - Jacob & Sabrina's Wedding

We had a big day ahead of us with a 10 hour package and our team of four heading into the City of Brisbane to make some magic happen! Having Rob & Isla previously meet Jacob & Sabrina prior to the wedding, this made the rest of the team already more comfortable with the whole bridal party as J’adore had built that connection previously. With the team splitting up with one part of the crew heading to Jacobs house to Video/photograph the groom and his clan of brothers all eager to muck around and have some fun.

The other team turned up at Sabrina the brides house, and it was bursting with energy. Grace (Sabrina’s Mother) was running around making sure everything was running smoothly so the house was already rustling excitement, and the girls were all together sharing soaking up the day as we head inside. Sabrina was getting her make up touched up by The Blush Clique, so we quickly readied ourselves with J’adores GH5 for videography and Cannon 5DSR for photography, and got some close up shots of the beautiful bride to be.

As we head into the the getting ready room, we realised everything was set up to perfection, there was a Mannequin sitting directly in the middle of the lit up room, where the beautiful strapless gown made in Sydney from Norma & Lili Bridal Couture, One Stop Wedding Shop Brendale, glittered from head to toe. The rest of the accessories was set up littered with candles around the table to give a warm glow and create a great atmosphere. Apart of the accessories was the two pairs of shoes, one cream for the ceremony, and one to party the night away in blue form, Sabrina had everything picked out to perfection.  After getting the must shots, we quickly got all the girls in for a few bridal photos/video with champagne popping before it was time for the girls to start getting ready in the black gowns. 

It was time for everyone to help Sabrina into her 30kg Dress!! The mission was accomplished with a bit of help from Dad, and before we knew it, a few tears were being shed between the two before we were off to the Catholic Church in Kedron Brisbane QLD. 

As the ceremony started at 3pm we needed to head over to St Columba's Catholic Church in Brisbane, a 30 minute drive from Sabrina's house. We raced over to Kedron, quickly getting out of the car. As the other team had previously turned up with the ceremony camera/audio gear it was quick and easy to get everything in order with precision before Sabrina walked through those doors. The Ceremony was a beautiful and lavish affair, that featured prayers and a few tears. It's always a beautiful moment seeing the first kiss, as Jacobs cheeky grin emerged as he was told to kiss HIS bride.

As it was raining throughout the day we made the most of our photo section by going to UQ university that has stone pillared walls that make for excellent Photography/Videography. Here we were able to capture the intimate moments as well as some pretty amazing bridal group shots before heading of to the Greek club for the reception.

Recognised as one of Brisbane’s premier wedding venues, The Greek Club is the perfect location to celebrate one of the most significant days of your life. With exceptional staff and over 40 years’ experience, we’ve mastered the art of wedding catering. Our breathtaking views of the park life and Brisbane city skyline will add to the splendour of your magnificent day.

As we entered the grand ballroom the first thing you notice is the lavish Flower Wall made by Luxe Flower Wall Hire G&M Solutions. The white roses that went around the whole bridal table lit up the dance floor, it was also helped by Sabrina’s exquisite centrepiece choices that tied the room in effortlessly with the lavish chandeliers.  

In the middle of the grand ballroom was the lavish wedding cake created by Deliberately Delicious Cakes in Brisbane City.  After taking some of the snaps of the ballroom it started to quickly fill with the family and friends from Jacob & Sabrina's wedding. No sooner than later the reception entrance started and we were treated to a different to a different style that used shadows to recreate how they first met! We were catered to some amazing speeches that had Sabrina's father shedding a tear, and Jacob's best man and brother sharing a few sneaky secrets on the podium.

The rest of the night went off without a hitch, as the wedding cake was cut, the first dance went smoothly, and before we knew it the dancing came out, and everyone got onto the floor to show us a few of their moves. We got to see some pretty great performances on the floor by all of Jacobs brothers, and the younger children dancing with everyone well until the end of the night.

We had an AMAZING time getting to be apart of Jacob & Sabrina's Wedding as we trekked around Brisbane for the whole day, we got to learn a bit about the two and build that close connection as well as have a great time and enjoying our job.  And before we knew it when it was time to leave, and there were hugs from all the crew, as we headed at the Greek Club doors. We wish these two wonderful people the best in all their endeavours in life! 

Written by Nat