Palmers Golf Course Photography & Videography - Styled by W Events Group

Feels like just yesterday we made our first appearance at Palmers Golf Course located in Robina Woods. Arriving at Palmers with the W Events team already into it they were creating some wedding style magic. The first style being an elegant floral design, for me was one of my favourites. Beautiful floral decorations and perfectly tied silver ribbons on the back of the chairs it was a great set up. 

Heading down to the quaint little chapel it was so cute & sweet!! Again, the decorations matched beautifully to the styling inside of Palmers. With a big glass opening at the back of the chapel behind the bride & grooms table this would make for some really beautiful wedding shots. Making our way down to the outdoors wedding ceremony style was no less gorgeous than the first. With beautifully green grass & wide open blue sky’s this section in particular had a great contrast, especially with W Events Group’s special touch. 

Before long it was time to head on over to Palmer’s Colonial to shoot the second style. Again, amazingly unique set up! This one featuring feathers, pearls and some gorgeous floral designs with golden ribbons on the back on each chair. Shooting all of the finer details, wider shots whilst Rob took some video footage of the styling. 

Making our way down to the outdoor ceremony styling which was no less extravagant then the last. Featuring a gorgeous lake in the background with some big palms either side makes for great symmetry in both photo & video

Was great getting to see a new venue we haven't shoot at before, getting to know the co-ordinators & getting a good feel for the venue itself always works in favour of the wedding photo & video. We definitely hope to shoot there soon! 

Thank you to the W Events Group & Palmers Golf Course for having us! We are excited to share the images & video with you all!!


Until next time…

Isla Burkitt