Why we have the best job in the world - The Photographers Dream

One of the things I love the most about being a Wedding Photographer is that its our soul purpose to capture & create magical moments for people who share so much love for one another. What better form of purposeful creativity. 

On a weekly basis we get to make magic that people will treasure forever, something they will hold so close to their heart. Being the person to create that for them is truly something special and some thing here at Jadore we pride ourselves on greatly. 

To us this isn’t just a job, it is much more then that. Its a fulfilling life purpose that each and every one of our team has the passion for. 

Wedding days are filled with nothing but pure love. Love for one another, love for their families.. their friends.. It’s a day you wont ever forget. From smiling to crying it is always from a place of pure love. I will be the first to admit myself & Rob have been known to shed a tear or two throughout ceremonies. We are touched constantly by the powerful connections people share. 

Our empathy and compassion shows through our work and the kind of people we are. When we are “working” it just about never feels like it. 

We get to travel to amazing places, meet so many beautiful people and create lifelong memories of our own. There are not many people on this earth that can say they create happy & fulfilling memories from their day job. We on the other hand do, & consider ourselves very lucky to be able to do so. 


We have been lucky to travel as far as Thailand, Costa Rica & even Fiji a few times now. Not to mention the many trips we do down to Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney & Canberra. All to capture one special day for one special couple. 


What could be better?!