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2017 Engagement Photography Gold Coast Promo. Time for 2018's ?

2017 Engagement Photography Gold Coast Promo. Time for 2018's ?

For us photography isn't just a hobby, or something we do for a living.. Its our passion. 

Sharing this passion with one another we are always seeking new ways to share this with those around us.

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Sunshine Coast Wedding Photo & Video - Gary & Morgan

Sunshine Coast Wedding Photo & Video - Gary & Morgan

A few months prior to this magical day we have such a great opportunity to meet with Gary & Morgan and do an engagement photoshoot, this for us is such a great way to get our couples comfortable in front of the camera & also with us. 

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Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica Destination Wedding Video Brenton & Tasha

Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica Destination Wedding Video Brenton & Tasha

The connection Brenton & Tasha have with each other is so strong and you can almost feel it when they are in the room together from the moment I met them I new these 2, I knew the adventure ahead was going to be magical.

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Cedar Creek Estate, Bryn and Sophie's - Gold Coast Wedding Videography

We were extremely lucky to not only get to be apart of a videography engagement shoot with Bryn & Sophie, but also being apart of their AMAZING wedding at Cedar Creek estate completed this wonderful experience for us here at J’adore. Also offering engagement photos & videos we believe this to be a great way to interact & get to know our clients better whilst forming a good bond before the big day. After previously doing a close friends wedding in 2016, we were very excited to see how our past couple was going on their new venture together as husband & wife while also getting to see some familiar faces. 

From the moment you enter the tree lined driveway, you’ll appreciate a charming winery in picturesque grounds in which we would describe as a perfect wedding venue. Cedar Creek Estate up at Mt Tamborine on the Gold Coast is where we first started our 6-hour escapade.  This was not before though, quickly turning up at the lovely Sophie's house to catch a few quick shots, that turned out absolutely beautiful! 

It really goes to show, that with the right equipment & a positive attitude going into this environment with only a few moments to spare you really can get some excellent quality footage. Especially with the right lighting, to which we had. 

As the wedding ceremony was held outdoors, we had the natural lighting to fool around with for the whole day, and this definitely played into a huge benefit for the whole team of us shooting. From sun flare, to getting to fool around with the exquisite colour scheme that the out door settings had to offer us. 

As it was a perfect day, we were also able to get the drone up and flying around, which resulted into some STELLA footage of both the beautiful couple as well as the breath taking venue. 

As the night was leading into the reception, the speeches delivered throughout the whole night were amazing, as their was a collaboration of both heartfelt moments, accompanied by quite a few humorous ones as well. What was even better was the killer bridesmaid’s speech that featured a parody containing her best friend Sophie's voyage meeting Bryn; this got everyone’s spirits amped up in preparation for the first dance.

We were treated to a sentimental song Bryn and Sophie chose for their first dance, Kodaline- Latch. As this song had a strong symbolic meaning to each other it was lovely to see them wrapped up in another's embrace singing to each other. 

By Natarlie Weller

Gold Coast Engagement Video shoot, Bryn & Sophie

Creating engagement videos has been a recent escapade that J'adore has been slowly trying to build up.  We love doing photo/video sessions as it brings us closer to the clients. Knowing about the journey and how two people ended up at this point gives us more of a creative edge that we can bring forth with our products.

We are always asked "What do you expect for an engagement shoot" And to put it simple, you need to just come to the setting with an open attitude, The first thing we try to aim for at the start of every engagement shoot, is understanding again how the journey came about. 

We had the great pleasure of shooting Bryn and Sophie's engagement video, With just five weeks before their wedding, We were more than keen to get just a little bit of insight into the couple before they decided to make those final steps. 

By the time the couple came in, we were prepared with a series of basic questions that gave us a bit of insight. Bryn went first after being lapelled while Sophie went to The Paper Cup cafe right around the corner from the studio.  Rob got straight into the questions ranging from how they first met, to where he proposed. 

Once Bryn was finished giving Rob a bit of insight onto the journey it was Sophie's go.  My favourite question that always get's a teary reaction is how they propose. Hearing Sophie's side gave us a little more entail to the selfie stick in Japan situation, yet Bryn pulled out all stops even while holding the ring two days around Japan prior to the proposal. 

Once we got to the Ashmore Botanical Gardens, the both of us set up our cameras with Robs gimbal, and my monopod ready to go. Instantly Bryn and Sophie glided together, and you could tell that this was the natural way they were together, they just meshed, Sophie would make the funny faces that would get Bryn cheekily smiling; and it was beautiful just watching them both so naturally act together.

This little love story, is only going to get more exciting, with Bryn & Sophie's wedding coming up up at Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard & Winery, there are exciting times looming ahead, and the J'adore team can't wait to be apart of it! 

Written by Natarlie Weller.