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Gold Coast Bond University Wedding Photography - Naim & Shamiez

On April 1st we had the pleasure of shooting Naim & Shamez’s wedding located at Bond University, doing only photo I was excited to get back into the photography side of things. Mostly doing video which is my primary interest, its always nice to go back to photography as to me it feels new again, an exciting challenge non the less. 

Meeting the couple a week prior to the wedding at Bond we had a brief walk around the premises, viewing the reception area & discussing the visions Naim & Shaimez had for their wedding day. Shaimez loved the architectural aspect of Bond University, thus being our main aim we used this to our full advantage. This being my first wedding shot at Bond University I was very excited ti be creating some unique images.

Getting there an hour early we had a wonder around the University, scoping out as much as possible to find the best locations around the university for the photos section. Having two hours to capture these images was amazing! Really having the time to nail each & every shot. 

Naim & the groomsman had arrived it was time to get straight into it, starting with the guys we wasted no time in getting the ball rolling. Getting some nice group shots, also a few fun ones with the patterned socks they all had on we breezed right through it.

Not long after we had finished shooting the groomsmen it was time for the first look, Naim waiting patiently to see his gorgeous bride Shaimez, you could see just the excitement building with each moment that passed. Walking up behind him with her giggles in the background his smile continued to grow bigger & bigger. With a few words he turned around to be in instant ore of his beautiful wife. I think at this point we were all in ore of how beautiful Shaimez looked, this truly was such a special moment & we felt very privileged to have been there to witness & capture this wonderful moment in time for the both of them. 

It was now time to start shooting the Bride & Groom together, this really is one of my favourite parts of photo, getting creative and capturing the excitement of love combining. & In such a unique location who wouldn't have been excited?! Starting with the tower this was a bit of a mission but it was well worth it. This image will have definitely been one my favourite shots of the day! I am very excited to be sharing this shot with both Nail & Shaimez the following day. Taking some more shots down below the magic continued to flow. 

Once the entire bridal party had arrived we began the group shots, which for me is always a highlight. After completing this section we got a few more of the bride & groom before heading up to the pine forrest, which with the sun setting at this point we were able to get a beautiful golden background. 

By this stage it was now time to head up to reception and get prepared for the entrance of the bridal party & the gorgeous bride Shaimez. Naim & the rest of the bridal party entered with nothing but huge smiles and beams of happiness as everyone awaited the big moment. Soon after Shamiez & her father walked through the doors, you could see the emotions in the room rising as she made her way to Naim. 

The reminder of the night was filled with beautiful vows to one another, heart felt speeches, awesome dancing & smiles all round. It really was a true pleasure to be apart of such an amazing experience & share in this with Naim & Shamiez. 

From the crew here at J’adore, we wish them nothing but happiness, love & laughter as they begin their journey as husband and wife. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog, we appreciate it greatly. Feel free to share with friends & family to share in this wonderful experience. 






Rob Bampton.

Best wedding cake idea's & how to decide which is best for you!

Beauty and the beast wedding cake
Wedding cake

Perfect Wedding Cake: There Is Always a Choice! 

An important part of any wedding ceremony, either in Brisbane, Paris or Los Angeles, is a beautiful wedding cake. It is a symbol of prosperity that came to us from ancient times when bride and groom had to share a piece of their fortune and happiness with every welcomed guest.

But is it that easy to choose the right one, and not to get lost between latest trends, mom’s suggestions, and own desires? Let’s take a look at the most common dilemma that you may face while making you choice.

Traditional or Alternative Wedding Cake

Tradition is something that really matters, especially if you are planning to have a classical style wedding. In this case, we imagine a multiple layers white cake, covered with cream and frosting, and ornamented with the marzipan figures of newlyweds on top. It tastes sweet, like strawberry vanilla and chocolate, and is decorated with jewels, shells, and flowers. The traditional cake will always be in fashion as a part of long lasting wedding custom.

Although, there is an alternative. Depending on your wedding theme or how extraordinary you want to look, you can use a range of nontraditional cake ideas. Maybe you want to offer your guests a plate with wedding pancakes or a meringue cake? More popularity is being gained by old-fashioned fruit pies, creative colorful doughnuts, and even cake pops. By the way, have you ever tried a cake on a stick? 

Wedding Cake or Cupcakes

If the ritual of cutting the cake, feeding your beloved one with the best piece, and saving the top tier for your first anniversary means a lot to you, your choice is definitely not cupcakes. Especially, if your family and guests are of a conservative kind and all of them are waiting for the “real” cake from the very beginning of the party. 

But in case you are a risky one, you can save a little money and order wedding cupcakes. And here you can have as many tastes and designs as you want. Guests also can pick their favorite flavors and eat them even before the official cake-time. And you don’t have to worry about offending your dear aunt by giving her too small piece of the cake – all cupcakes are the same size, isn’t it perfects? Just keep in mind that your cupcake display has to be really good, as it substitutes a very important part of the wedding tradition – the wedding cake…

Fondant or Buttercream

What is more important in the wedding cake, its taste or design? Most of the brides will definitely choose a design as an illustration of the couple’s distinctness. This is why flawless porcelain look created with fondant icing is so highly appreciated by most newlyweds. Fondant makes the design options nearly endless. Moreover, your cake will withstand strong heat or windy weather of the outdoor events, and preserve the moist of the dough keeping it fresh for hours. 

Hence, not everyone likes the taste of the fondant. Some people prefer soft and tender buttercream frosting, never-ending classic. Made from butter, sugar, and cream, it can take a flavor of your favorite chocolate or citrus zest. Buttercream is also good for a decoration; although it is not that sophisticated as fondant, but it is definitely less expensive and easily affordable.

On the other hand, why to choose between two, if you can combine both? Buttercream can be used for a taste and fondant serves perfectly for the decoration on top!

Which of these cakes will you choose for your Gold Coast Wedding? To tell you a secret, any choice will be the right one, as wedding cake is meant to reflect your own tastes and personal style, as well as symbolize long years of prosperity in the newborn family. Just remember to hire your personal Gold Coast wedding photographer to depict every moment of your happy celebration of love!

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