Photo Booth

There is just something about a Photo Booth that brings out the fun in people. Everyone feels comfortable getting crazy in front of a Photo Booth camera, they are the best way to get a lot of images… especially when you add in some crazy props. Contact us to secure your booking today!


With this open Photo booth you are not restricted with numbers, we can fit 10 in the frame comfortably, and, with our customised booth you will receive studio quality images.

We offer two sizes; 6x4" postcard or 6x2" strips, with the ability to create customised Photo templates to suit your theme as well as the option to incorporate a message or logo.

So why not have something like a Photo Booth as an add-on to your event?

30% Off For Our Wedding Clients

Flower Wall


Green Wall

This artificial green wall is the perfect lush backdrop for your photo booth. It adds a unique natural feel with an array of foliage opening the space to feel spacious and softening the built environment.

This backdrop is perfect for creating depth and adds a 3D effect to your photos.

Dimensions: 2.3 x 3

$300 For Wall DayHire

$200 with Photobooth


Flower Wall

Flower walls are the perfect backdrop for a photo booth. They add an element to your space which softens the look and feel to the venue, adding a personalised touch.

Flower walls are a cost effective element to your event or wedding without the cost of real flowers.

Dimensions: 2.3 x 3

$300 For Wall Day Hire

$200 with Photobooth