Frequently Asked Questions

Do you shoot with two photographers?

Yes, this will vary on the package chosen. Our Premium Wedding Combo can have up to four people. 


Do you supply hi-res digital images? 

Yes, you will receive all images taken on the day. However, our editing team does filter through the unnecessary images, e.g., eyes closed etc. 


How many images will I receive?

As a guide we say around 150/200 per hour.

E.g with our 10 hour package you will receive approx. 1500/2000 edited images.


Do you shoot destination weddings?

Absolutely, we love destination weddings!

We have an extensive list of countries we have been to. 

Please send us through all the necessary information and we will get back to you ASAP.


How do I enquire about a quotation and/or availability?

Please fill out our enquiry form via the link below:


How much is the deposit?

We require a 30% deposit to secure your wedding date. The remaining amount is due one month prior to your wedding. 


Is the deposit refundable?

Unfortunately, as this locks out the date for any other potential clients, the deposit is non refundable.

More information is provided on contact. 


How long will it take us to receive our photos/video?

Generally this process takes between 6-8 weeks, including postage if necessary. 


How long is the 'long version' of the video?

As your long version will include the full ceremony and speeches, each video will vary.

Generally they will be 1-3 hours.


How long is the 'highlights video'?

Your highlights video will vary between 5-7 minutes


Do we get to pick the songs for our highlight video?

You are more than welcome to choose your songs. However, due to copyright laws, not all commercial music can be used. Also Facebook and Youtube etc will block them. 

Please view the songs available on the following two websites:

We are more than happy to choose these for you if you are comfortable with this. 


Do our clients provide meals for our staff? 

Our 10 hour packages do require meals for our staff. This can just be a main.

This requires pre-planning to allow for breaks so none of the important events are missed.


Can you cover both the bride and groom getting ready at the same time with photo & video?

Yes. This is included in the Premium Package and is location dependant.

We have options for a 4-staff team in which case the bride & groom get 1 photographer & 1 videographer each.


Can we get a multi-day package for the lead up to the wedding? 

Yes, we can tailor a package to suit anybodies needs.

This can include the brides visit to the dress shop, the groom and the boys playing golf, interviews leading up to the wedding etc.


Can I give J'adore photos or videos that I like and work towards something similar?

Yes, we love it when you give us inspiration!

The more we learn about what you want, the easier it is for us to deliver.

We want to tell your story the way you want it to be told. 


I really LOVE my photos how best can I express my happiness?

We really appreciate your testimonials, recommendations, Google reviews and facebook page “likes” and reviews.

Please take the time to show your support. We will be happy dancing, clapping our hands and trying to type a reply to you all at the same time!,3


How do you feel about Pinterest ideas and mood board ideas?

We love them. It’s encouraging to see your preferences and poses.

We can recreate your favourite Pinterest pics and we also have quite a few up our sleeves.

Who knows, your picture could be on the board for someone else's Pinterest inspired wedding!


What's the best time of day to schedule our bridal party photos?

Typically, 1-2 hours before sunset is ideal for great light.

Great light = Great images.

However we are flexible and can work with any time of day.


Do you have backup equipment?

On your wedding day, we will have a minimum of 3 cameras, several lens', and a multitude of batteries. 

Your digital images will be kept in up to 3 storage backups following the wedding.


Do you sell albums?

We sure do! After many years of testing different companies, we have finally found the one.

For a limited time, you can purchase an album prior to your wedding for just $600.

If you decide to wait until after the wedding, the cost is $1000.

We have been asked what the process is for putting an album together so here is a basic guide:

A few weeks after your wedding day, we will present you a digital version of your album with basic editing. From there, any adjustments can be made. This is generally better if you can come into the studio, but can be done online if you prefer. From there, your edits are completed and the design is sent off to Italy!


What are the benefits of getting an album?

Digital files are great, but we have no idea where they will be in 10 years!

Many of us still love looking at albums of our grandparents and parents wedding. A physical reminder of your wedding day for you, your children, and your grandchildren is priceless.

We offer several albums in a range of colours/sizes/prices for you to choose from.

We will put together a custom design for your album, then work with you to make it perfect.

We would love to have you in the studio and show you the predesigned album on the big screen and relive your big day all over again. 


Do you take family photos at weddings?

Most definitely! This usually takes place after your ceremony.

Included in your contract and forms, is a list of family/group photographs for you to complete. This gives us the chance to run through the list quickly.

We suggest that you keep groupings to essentials due to time restraints on the day.

We like to shoot family photos as efficiently as possible so your guests can go and enjoy themselves.

If we simply run out of time, we will always take any missed family shots at your reception.


Do I get all of the images from my wedding day?

We will always remove images that are untimely, repetitive duplicates, test shots etc.

The remaining images are then edited and polished to perfection. 


When do I get to see my photos from my wedding day?

Once shooting your wedding is complete, we can then proceed to back up your images. Then, we may post a quick sneak preview on Facebook for you and your family and friends to see.

This has become very popular over the years – something our clients always look forward to.

Your images will then be edited and sent to you within 6-8 weeks, depending on you package type. Often much sooner but we like to give this estimate just to be safe.

We also select our favourite images that we feel tell the story of your day, and write a blog piece about the experience which will be available to view on our website. We often post the blog link to Facebook for anyone to view/share.