The Southport School TSS and Southport Yacht Wedding Photography and Videography

Right from the start i knew that Robert and Grace’s Wedding at The Southport School TSS was going to be beautiful. I've always wanted to go inside, but as its a boy's school I’ve never really had a reason to. So when i found out that Robert was an Old boy which is needed to get married at the school's chapel and that this beautiful location was going to be the place where this amazing couple was going to get married, I was thrilled.

They were married on a beautiful day at the Southport School surrounded by their family and a multitude of friends. We had talked earlier about some of the great locations on the grounds and I mentioned that I thought their wedding was going to be fun and spontaneous, Robert did not fail to please. Grace looked amazing and Robert scrubbed up quite handsomely, their ceremony was held in the chapel on TSS grounds.  A beautiful String quartet played as everyone mingled and waited for Grace’s arrival. It was a beautiful heartfelt ceremony with chaplain of the school that used to the school's service when Robert went to school there and still does to this day and is a personal friend of the family.

After the service everyone enjoyed time chatting and mingling under the trees while we photographed the formal family photos.  After the ceremony we spent some time with the bridal party. This is generally my favourite part of the day as we can really bring them out of their shells and get some great shots on the school ovals and by the river having some fun portraits before going over to the Southport Yacht Club for the reception. The Southport Yacht Club was decorated simply with Fairy lights and a great colour light display from the Dj booth. The building  has million dollar views of the marina. They had a table full of props set up in the corner and we made our own version of a photo booth, they are so much fun at weddings and really get everyone in a fun party mood. Near the end of the night is always some of the best parts for us as photographer and videographers as this is generally when everyone has had a few drinks and is ready to get down on the dance floor and at this wedding the groom Robert was definitely one of these people, finally coming out of his shell and really having some fun dancing with all his friends and family and of course his beautiful new bride. I think personally my favourite part was the last song, sweet and slow and really beautiful as the couple have their last dance of the night they hold each other in a sweet embrace, as she whispers something in his ear. You see him smile and hold her closer and they both wipe a tear from their eye, this was so beautiful and as i did then seeing it as i do now, i wipe my own tears away just remembering this moment. Being a part of someone's special day is such a beautiful experience seeing them laugh, dance and cry seeing the first day of the rest of their lives together as husband and wife, how could we wish for anything more. 

Please enjoy Robert and Grace’s Gold Coast Wedding at TSS and The Southport Yacht Club 

Jessica Mcguiness