Cathedral of Saint Stephen & The Stamford Plaza Wedding Photography & Video Combo, David & Stephanie Brisbane

David & Stephanie's wedding at St Stephens Cathedral with the reception at Stamford plaza was one we where looking forward to, we love both of these amazing venues. 

As the boys were getting ready the reception location, The Stamford Plaza, this made travelling around Brisbane and knowing the area a little better, easier for us location wise. The groomsmen looked incredibly dashing as all were wearing dark red maroon bow ties that perfectly fitted in well with the black and white suits. 

With the girls starting off at a family home in Carbondale, with six bridesmaids at Stephanie's side, the jokes were already starting to come out, and we got to find out a bit of info about the love Stephanie and David shares.

With them both originally meeting at university as they were both studying to become a dentist, they hit it off well, and the fireworks continued to grow, from the first gift of perfume David gave her to the other little momentos.

Usually when we get to a brides house we go first to the accessories and try to collaborate a creative look for all of the little details. We were surprised to discover in Davids wedding ring the extra little bit of detail Stephanie had gone to, to personalise her token to him.

We quickly got into the action of things, as soon enough it was time to get Stephanie into her bridal gown. With a wide open room and the curtains half closed, this created the perfect lighting for both photography and videography standards. With a smile adjoining her face the entire time, emotions swirled around as it was time to read his letter to her.

You could see the tears welling up in her eyes, with such raw emotion we quickly snapped away, and it was a beautiful thing to see as you could practically feel the love Stephanie had for David coming off her. Unable to finish her letter we decided to take some quick shots of some family photos before heading off to the ceremony in Brisbane, St Stephans Cathedral! 

The Cathedral is located in the heart of Brisbane. With high ceilings pillared by sandstone towers, the imported stained glass windows from Munich, add a completely different feels to the Cathedral, and lets not forget to mention the aisle. 

With the tripods already set in position, we quickly put the remainder of our excessive tools away before checking the audio was on, then it was time to go outside and meet the bride as she turned up in her limo. 

Stephanie was glowing when she stepped out of that car, and you could tell that even while she was nervous for the next few moments to take place, there was no where else she'd rather be. As it was time for everyone to walk around the side, we quickly got into our places and the ceremony started. 

For the photo section we ventured to Kangaroo point in Brisbane to shoot the bridal party and couple by themselves separately. As we were walking along the banks, an open plain area with the Brisbane city as the background came up and I was able to get a tease of their first dance. Lets just say they didn't disappoint at all! With David twirling Steph around effortlessly the final product at the reception was going to be AMAZING! 

We continued further along though, finally meeting the rest of the bridal crew, where we then decided to take advantage of the great scenery we had and get some group shots before taking the girls and boys away separately. 

Right as we got to the reception at the Stamford Plaza, we decided to take a little detour back to the botanical gardens with the couple, from walking along the river to mucking around and having a tear being shed or two, we couldn't wait to get back home and look at the footage. 

Back to the reception we were excited to be shooting in the River room. As this is one of the most sought after wedding reception venues with glass windows along the Brisbane River, as we were in for some more amazing footage! Throughout the rest of the night we were apart of more tears and laughter of joy, as the speeches were conducted. This was followed by a beautiful first dance by the couple. We at J'adore hope they have a wonderful start to their Married life, and may it continue to grow and evolve into newer and things together. 

Please enjoy viewing the Images, their video is close to completion so stay tuned!!

Written by Natarlie Weller