Fiji Destination Wedding Photography & Videography of Australian Couple Zach & LIz,

It was around about 5 or so years ago now that I had crossed paths with Lizzie, and ever since we’ve always stayed in touch. So when she had contacted me informing me of not only the amazing proposal from the man of her dreams.. but the wedding location every girl dreams of she asked me to accompany them both on their journey to becoming husband and wife. As a wedding photographer/videographer with the aspiration to capture their true essence of love, I found myself planning my next big adventure to Fiji. 

The excitement was overwhelming, being provided this amazing opportunity to not only be shooting in tropical paradise but to also have an adequate amount time to spend with the love struck couple prior to their big day enabled me to get to know them both, gaining a meaningful connection which in turn formed a great bond. Having this time to engage, connect and embrace the couples love gives me a deeper sense of connection when capturing those precious unforgettable moments. 

At first, the task of doing both photo and video seemed like a difficult and extremely challenging endeavour. Only completing this a handful of times as you could imagine I was hesitant. After communicating this concern we had come to the conclusion that we had two major factors on our side, both time, and a limited amount of guests. These two components in turn made this exercise much more achievable. Discussing that sufficient time could be taken also enabling me to produce quality content, even if some had needed a few shots.. we had the time! 

I had decided to spend a few days on the mainland of Fiji to explore some of the more popular wedding venues such as the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort  which had a great chapel named The House of Love so I really look forward to booking a wedding there., The Intercontinental Fiji Resort & Spa which offers Exotic Island Wedding & honeymoon's in Fiji, I also got to visit the Sheraton Fiji Resort  which was great because I love shooting at the Sheraton Grand Mirage Gold Coast

After scooping out the wonderfully exotic island of Fiji, my location in which I had decided to stay was at Double Tree Hilton. The amazing Fijian service was impeccable, they didn't hesitate to go above and beyond creating such a peaceful and relaxing environment for each and every guest. On the journey of a lifetime I had decided to face one of my biggest fears, getting in front of the camera myself to start my very own Jadore video blog. 

Many people tell me that I should share my many stories and adventures, others ask me how I got to where I am today… and my answer never changes.. I followed my passion for photography, combined it with my determination for success, and now just sit back watching it take me all over the world fulfilling all of my life long ambitions. I figured that blogging my adventures as well as filming them would be a beneficial way to share my journeys with all those interested in tagging along.

Next stop for me was Plantation Island, which is around about an hour from Nadi travelled to by boat. On arrival I received the traditional Fijian welcoming featuring a guitarist accompanied by some talented singers welcoming us to the island. Not long after arriving I decided to head straight over to the Lomani Island Resort to meet both Lizzie and Zach. Straight away we begun our adventures together, inclusive of scenic bike riding, paddle boarding across crystal clear waters and a breath taking stroll along Lomani beach front finishing up our journey with a relaxed conversation swaying in the hammocks. Taking full advantage of the beautiful energy surrounding them I got them to answer just a few questions in which I had prepared earlier to assist in telling the their story in front of the camera. 

Good quality audio is priceless when it comes to couples telling their stories, helping the people watching to really connect. Day 2 was the wedding, I meet first with Zach to cover his preparation. Zach truely is one of the nicest guys I have ever had the pleasure of crossing paths with, as long as everyone else around him is happy, he is happy. A rare quality to find in not only one person but also their partner as-well. Lizzie obtaining this exact same trait they really just were the perfect match for one another. Being with them in this special time it was like nothing else mattered, the love they shared and the love you felt just being in their presence was truly breathtaking. I enjoyed watching them both get so lost in each other. 

They only had a handful of family that attended, keeping it nice and simple making room for all the love to flourish through the air as this special day took place. I then went over to spend those few special moments with the bride before her life changed forever and she was to become Mrs Hansford. I find these moments with my brides before they get married to be very special,  and often find that a few well placed genuine words of wisdom help as well as building that connection. 

Both deciding that their dream day would take place in the backyard of their villa at Lomani Island Resort as they'd just fallen involve with its beautiful scenery at first sight. The ceremony itself was breath taking, it was a pure reflection of of the beautiful love and passion they shared for each other. I mentioned to the couple not long after that seeing the love they shared for each other most certainly brought a big man to tears. For me, I feel as though this is one of my biggest assists. Being able to feel those raw emotions as well as having the passion for love myself I believe this works to my advantage enabling me to tell their stories and share those precious emotions with others. After the ceremony had concluded myself and the family all went over for lunch accompanied again by 2 local musicians entertaining the group. 

Our bride and groom shared their first dance together as husband and wife. After having a chance to cool down we then spent the afternoon down by the rocks on the beach getting creative together. I really felt like I nailed a few of the images, showing them to the bride and groom we all got very excited over the shots captured. 

Coming into Day 3, my last day with the couple we decided to make the most of our remaining time together and went to go check out the surrounding forrest, ending this beautiful morning down by the ocean which I believed to be some of my most favourable moments. It truely was an amazing experience getting to spend this special time with the couple and their loved ones in such a beautiful place, I felt very privileged to of had the opportunity to capture the true love they shared with each other. 

If you have gotten this far, props to you! I would love to have you engage with your comments and thoughts. I am currently on my way to my next big destination Costa Rica, again lucky enough to have an amazing connection with my next upcoming couple I cannot wait to continue my epic journey. 


Rob Bampton.