Rhiney & Amy's Royal Pines Photography & Videography Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast

On the 21st of May we were fortunate enough to be apart of an amazing couples journey. Not only was Rihney and Amy full of life, they had soo many quirky idea’s, that it made our job easier.

Turning up at the RACV Royal Pines resort, our team prepped outside the venue making sure we had all of the best equipment on hand. The Royal Pines was massive and you’re easily able to get lost so we made a detour to the Ceremony which was in a small chapel, before we ventured off to the Bride and Groom to be. Amy, with an infectious smile was full of laughs the moment we walked in. Timmy our photographer and longtime friend of Robs decided to take some pre photos of the brides accessories before he left to take care of the groom, and the photo’s and lighting was perfect. He was only in their briefly before Rob took over the role and everything began to start moving quickly. Setting up the gimbal ( what we use for videography ) We drew back the curtain in Amy’s suite to get a better view of her lace dress.

starting off with the accessories. One of the more different detailed accessories amy had was her blue accessory. This featured to photo key chains of them both as it wrapped around her cream and light pink rose bouquet. As I crossed over to amy getting her final touches for makeup, I zoomed in getting some of the more finer details, and she was done to perfection. With not too much make up on, and her hair curled down passed her shoulders, Amy was a dream to look at. When it was time to put on her white lace dress, her three bridesmaids in pink coloured gowns effortlessly slid on her dress and began to do the buttons up the back.

Tears were being shed, as they all realised the day had finally come. Amy was finally at the place she needed to be, getting married to the man who surprised her with the most beautiful and personal gift yet. Before we get to that part I have to add in that her beautiful mother and grandmother was present as they helped put on Amy’s train and admired her in the midst of the final touches. Three generations in a room, it was a beautiful sight. A knock at the door signified that the present Amy knew was coming was here. Curious Amy ripped the envelop open and a simple yet heartfelt letter remained as Rihney proclaimed his love with a pair of diamond earrings. The brides maids were back to tears, and in true Rob fashion he snapped away getting the intimate and heartfelt moment, knowing real emotion makes the best images. The situation escalated as another surprised knock signified another present, this was the one Amy did not know about. Shaped like a rectangle,

it was revealed that Rhiney had planned another present as a portrait. Done in cartoon dimensions, Amy broke down into tears. Looking closer at the framed image it turns out he managed to remember all of their plans, all of their dreams. From their house to the trip to Europe, everything was remembered. Flash forwarding to the ceremony, this was the first time I glimpsed at Rihney. You could tell he was nervous but ready. Quickly setting up the tripods to best suit the angles right in the chapel for the ceremony, everything was setting in motion.

flash forwarding to the photo section, our team was fortunate enough to have two buggies of our own to go across the locations provided to us at the RACV Royal Pines Resort. We roamed across many areas. At ones point we had Rob climbing into the bushes trying to find the best lighting. There were other times where our crew members went to lengths like laying down flat on the grass as we used a projection light to illuminated the shapes of the couple. 

As our crew turned up to the reception, everything was done to perfection,  from the array of white tables, to looking straight up ahead and seeing the bridal table done up with pale pink curtains draped behind. Amy and Rhiney was an amazing couple to work with, Please Take 5 mins to watch Rhiney & Amy's Video and view the images that we feel best tell the story of their weddings day!!