Braeside Chapel, Chris & Jessica - Gold Coast Wedding Videography

We were excited to begin shooting today with a six hour wedding videography package ahead of the team at Braeside chapel on the Gold Coast. We were quite familiar with the venue & locations around the area as this is one of the most popular wedding venues on the gold coast.  The team was also keen to be able to shoot at Emerald Lakes for the photo section, this location featuring the popular French quarter that makes for exquisite footage.

As we previously met up with Chris & Jessica to discuss how they wanted their video to be portrayed, we felt the glamorous touch was right up our alley. We were very confident in knowing we are more than capable enough to achieve that feel.

On entering Braeside's beautiful grounds, it gives you a magical feeling filled with nostalgia from a bygone era. Vintage cliché meets breathtaking opulence with modern elegance & tranquillity. We had no time to spare though as we quickly set up the tripods in ready for our stunning bride’s arrival.

As Jessica turned up in her white limousine, she looked absolutely radiant in her wedding gown as her hair was tightly pinned up whilst also having a few wisps framing her face. Chris was going to be be awe!! We always love seeing our groom’s reactions, being able to capture that truly priceless moment on camera where they can both look back at is always one of the best parts of the job. Providing endless moments for our couples to reminisce the beautiful day they became husband & wife.

After the ceremony was conducted, we zipped straight over to Emerald Lakes conveniently also located on the Gold Coast & not far away from Merrimac where Braeside is located. The French Quarter is a beautiful picturesque location providing many European looks that helped us create some perfect moments.

As we skipped ahead to the reception, we were excited to see how both Chris & Jessica met, we are never disappointed with a story.  Another favourite part of the day is the speeches, as we get to know a lot more about the couple, & who they are as people. When Chris came up to the stage, he brought forth an AMAZING speech that had tears in our eyes. From going on about those cute furniture hunting moments, to how Jessica makes Chris feel on a daily basis, we could tell how much these two truly meant to each other. We can't wait to see how this couple turns out, and what the future has to offer them!

By Natarlie Weller