Canberra National Portrait Gallery Wedding Photo & Video - Craig & Aline

One of the many things we love most about having wedding photography not only as our passion but as our occupation is that we get to travel! And luckily for us we get a lot of it. This wedding adventure has brought us to ACT Canberra for Craig & Aline's wonderful wedding.

Starting the day off with the boys whom were staying at the QT Canberra we kept it short and sweet. Getting some candid getting ready images of the handsome groom whilst his groomsmen attempted to help this process. They were a great bunch of guys who seemed to all have very valued friendships with one another, couldn't ask for anything more in a bridal party. 

Making our way over to the Bride we arrived at a beautiful home located only 10 minutes down the road. Her gorgeous little daughter was wearing the exact same dress which I just melted over! It was 110% absolute preciousness! Bridesmaids all looking gorgeous, especially Aline topped it off in her stunning dress made by Atelie Barbara Mello

After taking some shots of all the girls in the front yard and gift giving it was just about time for us to make our way to the Portrait Gallery which conveniently enough was only just down the road as well. Arriving to a gorgeous set up styled by Show Pony event styling they did a great job. 

Getting everything repaired for the entrance of the groom, shortly followed by his gorgeous wife Aline. You could just tell everyone was in ore of her, she looked amazing!! The ceremony conducted by Judy Aulich Celebran was no less beautiful, with having half of it translated to Portuguese for all of Aline's family & friends. The ceremony set up was beautifully styled by Show Pony Events along with a amazing cake made by Cakes from my kitchen. 

As the ceremony came to an end the bride & groom spent some time thanking guests and mingling amongst everyone whilst receiving all of their congratulations before heading out for our short photos section. Only having a short time to get this done we made sure we already had the area’s we wanted to shoot in set out and ready to go. 

Before long it was time to go back inside where the party was just getting started. The night was inclusive of great speeches, amazing dance moves and a lot of fun, laughter and happiness you couldn't ask for much more. We are very thankful too have been apart of such a special day for both Craig & Aline. 

From the team here at J’adore, we wish you both nothing but love, happiness & pure joy for your future together alongside one another.


Untill next time…. 


Isla Burkitt