Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Wedding Photography - Jacob & Nastassja

Previously I remember seeing Jacob & Nastassja come into the office to talk to rob about the Video/Photo arrangements coming up for their wedding in August. We were so excited to be shooting this massive wedding with 250 guests, as it featured so many cultural dance routines and lets not forget to mention we LOVE shooting at The Sanctuary Cove Chapel

Jacob and Nastassja's love story began when they first met at church 10 years ago, even though Jacob was a lot older than Nastassja, that didn’t stop the couple from

continuing this journey that led them to this final moment. It wasn’t until eight years later though that Jacob popped the question late December in 2014, which gave them a full year to prepare because it was going to be a massive day.

As we had previously shot at Sanctuary cove from many of our other weddings, there was still no time to spare so we quickly set up the tripod for the ceremony, one angling Jacob, and another wide camera going straight down the middle. Because Jacob and Nastassja wanted the 10 hours package that gave them an advantage of getting the use of so many other angles, with one person on a hand held and another circling around the audience with a gimbal getting those close up ring shots when the time comes. 

Jacob & Nastassja did things a little differently compared to the average Sanctuary Cove Wedding. With the groomsmen waiting near the start of the aisle awaiting for the bridal crew to emerge out of their 60s Lincoln vehicle they used to transport them from their family house to Sanctuary cove chapel. One of my favourite shots is seeing the groomsmen as he finally takes a look at his bride starting to walk to the aisle.

Nastassja was a beautiful sight to see, with her head rested on her fathers shoulder and a few giggles and tears escaping, you would look around the room and see tears were gathering from everyones eyes. To make the ceremony even a little more different was the live music Nastassja had chosen. The acoustic soulful sounds coming from the background set up for an emotional ceremony to take place.

We went to the Intercontinental to take some amazing bridal party and couples shot as the Cove just has has many beautiful places, before we ventured off to our next destination for the reception, the Southport Community centre. 

we were quick again to set up the tripods as this setting was going to go a little different compared to our usual  wedding. The reception was filled with an ongoing regime of cultural dances mixed in with these upbeat dance routines that had the team wanting to learn some of the dances moves themselves! 


We hope the day turned out precisely what Nastassja and Jacob both hoped for, with a lifetime of memories to fill in any rainy day.

Written by Natarlie Weller.