Abbey Cobaki- Scott & Sarah Reading

It’s that evident thing about love, the way it wraps you in its grasp, the tangible feeling of not wanting to let go even if you could. We all are destined to find our other halves, a particular part of us that we tirelessly search the world for. To have someone that was under your nose the whole time, it's a rare experience alone. Childhood friends, and now two people that want to spend the rest of their lives together. I don’t know what could be more captivating.

The J’adore team consisting of Rob, Jessica and myself found ourselves at one of the bride’s maids house. Family had gathered around to prepare for Sarah’s finishing touches, while also corroborating their own little twin pre dress outfits.

After we managed to accrue a few pre wedding shots, it was time for Sarah to put on her dress. With a mesh back incrusted with jewels that collaborated with embodied jewels on the front of her bodice. Her hair was pinned up in a bun with small curls intricately framing the sides of her face. The bridal party accentuated Sarah’s princess themed attire with navy blue, bodice floor length gowns. 

Located 12 minutes away from Coolanagatta and Tweed Heads, The Abbey Cobaki creates something diverse and new to exceed expectations. The romantic chapel is located on the rivers edge, with a fountain clear in its backdrop. The Abbey Cobaki offers a offer various food, and beverage packages to cater for a wide selection of tastes and budgets to any value.

 As Sarah descended down the aisle, it was evidently clear as to why Scott picked her as his person. Sarah had one of those infectious smiles on her face as she grasped her pale pink and white bouquet to her chest. One of the best parts about the start of ceremonies is watching the Grooms reaction as he finally see’s his soon to be wife, it was all worth it as Scott managed to get a little tear; not even he could hide the tears from the cameras as Sarah in all her glory was right infront front of him.

The photo section was like no other, as a team we always like to provide our clients with new and anomalous memories. Sarah and Scott Reading wanted to put their own twist on their day as golf balls played a special part in these adventurous photos. From the Groom and his men goofing around with one and another to Sarah and her party playing the ‘colour game’, it was infectious the laughter with this fun crew.

Upon reaching the reception, the fantastic part about Abbey Cobaki is the picturesque outdoor areas that look out over the hills. The venue opens up into a refurbished and rustic style experience with both Scott and Sarah, putting their own finishing touches in the room.  From the little memory board of the many adventurous encountered to the personalised notes you could provide from the party. 

One of my favourite parts about being apart of weddings, is gaining a third persons perspective on the day. Being apart of Sarah and Scott’s biggest day was a journey in itself.  With each wedding we gain a new perspective on love, and where people met and how they came about finding this path.  To go from the ‘Friend zone’ as Scott clearly put it in his earlier years with Sarah.

Written by Natarlie Weller.