Fiji Destination Wedding Sheraton Resort Photography & Videography - Damien & Anna

Where do I even begin, this adventure was unforgettable. Traveling once again to this beautiful country life just doesn't get any better. Arriving a week early we were lucky enough to explore various activities whilst soaking up Fiji’s rich culture. Having Damien & Anna as good friends prior to this adventure it made it all the more fun. Catching up with them for dinner on one of their first nights here was a great chance to catch up, chat about the wedding & just relax. Thats what I love so much about these guys, so laid back & just plain awesome. 

Also meeting their BEAUTIFUL little girl Sahara for the first time we were lost for words, she is the most adorable little thing you will ever see! & whats best is she loved the team, taking short turns in holding her while we shot was an absolute pleasure. 

Following dinner the next day we meet with Damien & Anna once again at their hotel Sheraton Resort, checking out the quaint little chapel nested right on the beach. As the sun was slowly setting we made our way onto the beach to get some snapshots of the lovebirds. Having Sahara with the for the beginning of this afternoon we snuck in some gorgeous afternoon shots of them as a beautiful little family, making Sahara laugh & giggle we caught some unforgettable moments. Not to mention the moments we caught of Damien making faces to make her laugh even though she was looking our direction, absolute classic! 

Not long after Anna’s mother & father had arrived, taking care of the little one while we got hard to work. Getting some cute walking along the beach shots with video, photo & drone we had all bases covered. Some of the shots we got this afternoon were some of the favourites for myself & the team, we are so excited to be sharing them with you all. 

On day 3 the guests had started to arrive, perfect opportunity to meet & greet & have a little fun with them all prior to the big day. Being able to spend time with not only Damien & Anna but also their guests was a blast. Everyone was so excited for the wedding, & overflowing with joy to be in such a beautiful place it was hard not to smile 24/7. When it came the big day it felt like we were already apart of the family. Wrapping it up nice & early it was time to prep the gear for the big day. Heading on back to our villa at the Hilton which conveniently was only 2 minutes down the road from the Sheraton it was very convenient. 

Day 4, GO TIME! 

Waking up nice & early we made our way back to the Sheraton to meet our stunning bridal party. Spending the morning by the pool, on the beach and everywhere in between we all had a ball. The girls all had specially made swimsuits with ‘Bride’ & ‘Bridesmaids’ written across the front which was just an AWESOME idea! Especially being in Fiji it seemed the perfect idea. The boys came down not long after in their matching board-shorts & off we went to get some shots of the boys together creating memories together they would cherish forever. 

Soon after this we as per usual had some fun with them on the beach, having races and pulling out all our tricks of the trade we had them laughing & having a great time in no time at all. They were a great bunch, didn't even feel like working! It wasn't long before we had Damien & Anna on the paddle boards on smooth water.. although it also wasn't long before Damien was in the water. Having the drone hovering above them this made for some really cool footage. 

Heading back to the hotel quickly to prepare for the rest of the day we were back there in a few hours to set up for the wedding and spend some time with both bridal parties before the big moment. 

Starting with the boys was a breeze, so relaxed and easy going this made the start of the morning very cruisey for the team. Getting some shots of them all getting ready together along with the funny banter in-between it was a great beginning to an amazing day to come. Finishing off with the boys it was now time to head on over to the girls. 

Yet again, arriving to a very relaxed group of ladies Pt 2 of the day was running along very smoothly. Anna was looking just amazing, & when it came time to get into her gown she looked even more stunning. The girls were all in ore of just how beautiful Anna looked in her wedding gown & so were we. Wasn't long before it was go time! Heading down to the beautiful little chapel on the beach everyone was very excited for the big arrival. 

Camera’s all ready to go, everyone in place & waiting for the soon to be Mrs Hart to walk through the doors you could feel the anticipation rising in the room. Upon Anna’s arrival greeted by to Fijian warriors by the entrance & a beautiful group singing whilst Anna made her way to the chapel you could see Damien emotions starting to show. As his beautiful bride walked down the Isle there were tears, smiles & nothing but happiness filling the room. 

The ceremony was stunning, with beautiful blue sky’s in the background & glistening water it truly was the perfect day. 

After the ceremony we got a few shots of the newly weds in the chapel before heading on over to The Westin to continue the photos section. One thing we love about traveling to Fiji to shoot weddings is that it is just breathtakingly beautiful, with amazing resorts surrounding the photos are nothing short of spectacular. 

Shortly after finishing the photos sections it was time to relax & enjoy the reception. With a beautifully prepared buffet the food smelt amazing, accompanied by wonderful service it was a fantastic start to the night. As we progressed through the reception we were provided an AWESOME show by the Fijian warriors of all ages performing for us all, a spectacular fire twirling show as well as come fun dancing games it was a reception that was unforgettable. 

We thank Damien & Anna for choosing us to be apart of their special day in a beautiful country & we are so excited to be sharing these images with you all. It truly was a blessing and we cannot express enough how thankful we are. We wish you nothing but happiness, joy & a life filled with endless love. 

From the team here at J’adore, Congratulations!! 

Until next time, 





Isla Burkitt