Simon & Jodie Photography & Videography, Down Convery's Lane, Byron Bay

Getting the opportunity to travel all around the state with the J'adore team is the perfect job. Better yet, we meet these new and inspiring people, this was no different for our latest Byron bay wedding.The sun was high in the air and it seemed like everything was coming together perfectly for Jodie and Simon.

As Simon and his groomsmen party were leaving earlier in true Byron Bay style with a vintage Combie van, we arrived at our beachside destination, 'beach suites'.  Just in time, our videographer and photographer 'Jess and Matt' were able to get some great exiting shots of the Grooms crew, right before they pulled out and drove to their next big adventure. 

Walking into the stylish boutique studio, our latest bride Jodie was wearing a mermaid style themed gown which complimented the jewel encrusted embroidery on the bodice of her exquisite dress. This was complemented perfectly with her brown hair down in soft curls, and there was no denying that Jodie, looked beautiful. . The smiles of her and her brides maids filled the air, as her prepossessing smile brightened up the Byron bay hotel.  accentuating Jodie's Bridal theme, the bouquet was strewn with pale pink and cream roses. 

Just as we were getting the last of our shots with the oceanic backdrop before the Jodie went off in her stretch hummer; two tourist double decker buses pulled up right out the front. Courtesy  of  The Magic Bus Company, the stylish bus didn't disappoint as the guest bus was filled with hoots and laughter as the guests tried to capture a glimpse of Jodie before they continued on to the ceremony. 


The ceremony was held an hour away in the hinterlands away from Byron bay, we continued our journey to the rustic themed venue called Down Convery's lane.  The wedding venue provided the perfect rustic theme as the 5 acred place surrounds itself with lush rainforests and 100 year old fig trees. As everything was out in the open under the tree top canopies, this brought our everyone laid back nature as live music prepared the guests for the what was to happen next. Still nervous tension bubbled around, while Simon stood under the picturesque arch way. 

As apart of every wedding day, Jodie and Simon got creative for the photo section and the team travelled to an abandoned park where both the tourist Byron bay double decker bus and the hummer could meet together and transition into a beautiful picture. Working with the Bridal party was a joy and entertaining. From getting those cute/ funny shots on the colourful bus, to taking Simon and Jodie aside to create a more intimate moment; It was hard to put the camera down when infectious smiles were spread across everyone's faces. 

Leading back to the reception, the lights were coming on and the sun was setting. The live music was playing but over shadowed by the laughter that followed the venue around by the guests. A three course meal was prepared and presented beautifully with a variety of meats and a deliciously herbed beetroot salad. The night further progressed with hilarious and heartfelt speeches.

Towards the end of the night, everything was winding down but the people weren't. It's interesting how easily people let go, how quickly they lose touch at what surrounds them as the atmosphere is full of positivity. The best shots are always those that are found when no one is looking at night on the dance floor.  

As it reached 11pm, it was clear that everyone had, had the most perfect time. We ask ourselves at the end of the night what the most memorable parts of the day was? Without a doubt, from the moment we got to finally meet Simon and Jodie; to the good byes at the end. The whole day was filled with hilarious moments (including speeches).